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The Kube 2, MP3 Player with Smallest Touch System around World's

Preview at this time discussing about tiny gadget shaped like dice. An MP3 player which called The Kube 2 is a second edition as The Kube completion from the first.

The advantages MP3 player can be seen from all sides. The Kube 2 has a shape that only a small box measuring 1 x 1 x 1 inch with touch technology for navigation. The Kube 2 is easy to carry everywhere with its small size and weighing just 18 grams.

On The Kube 2, there are navigation numbers from 1 to 4 which can be learned by novice users. If you are already quite adept at using it, you can pull out those numbers.

At the back there is a microSD memory card slot with a 3.5 mm jack port that can be used as a liaison for the earphones and a charger at the Kube 2.

The Kube 2 is also equipped with an earphone with shaped flat cables, a card reader for microSD, a charger with a USB interface, and a skin that is used to change the look of The Kube 2.

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  1. Where can I purchase a replacement charger?

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