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3 Benefits Of Eye-Catching In-Store Retail Signs

Retail managers and marketers use many tactics to attract customers to their stores. Print, television, and radio ads are common ways to communicate your store’s message as well as direct mail flyers.

But the marketing does not end once the customer walks into your store. Advertising messages need to be reinforced so customers will actually make purchases. Retail signage in your store and on product shelves creates more opportunities to communicate value to your customers.

Cross Promotion

A sign that mentions a product that goes nicely with the one the customer is looking at will drive additional sales. For example, signs with the shoes can direct people to the socks that are on sale.

Promote Stocking Up

When someone is in the store to get something like dish soap, a sign telling the person to buy two and get the third one at half off could inspire the customer to make a larger purchase.

New Product Promotion

If you’re introducing a new product line, extra merchandising signs will make it stand out to shoppers. The sign can brightly advertise the benefits and features of the product and maybe even offer a promotional price.

Signage that engages shoppers is important for many types of stores. But challenges often arise for marketing managers because they need to constantly update offers. Software specific to retail sign creation like that found at Pangea or companies like it helps managers create and modify signs quickly.

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