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Micassa Lab iRock, Rocking Chair Can Charging iPhone and iPad Batteries

Utilization of kinetic energy for battery charging mobile phones, gadgets and smartphones already widely applied, which refers to the concept of green energy. Well, for those of you who support green energy programs, can utilize labeled iRock device for charging iPad tablet or iPhone. Fun, this can be done while you relax.

iRock is a rocking chair that was designed to generate electricity from the movement of wobble chair (kinetic). And, the result is an electric power for charging process of smartphone and tablet. As a result, devices made Micassa Lab can reducing the use of conventional energy. iRock is also equipped with iPad dock, which provides ease in charging for Apple tablet.

Unfortunately, for the offered price tag iRocks listed is quite expensive, which is US$ 1300. iRocks rocking chair available in 4 attractive colors such as pink, green, blue, white and black. Hope in future the price is getting cheaper so that can be implemented by various circles of society in the world.

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