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Dedicated to World Class Implementations with RMB

RMB is dedicated to World Class implementations using World Class products, delivering World Class results. Their consultants have implemented hundreds of  projects throughout the world. RMB is a global company handling national and international projects, offering support worldwide in multiple languages. RMB professionals have a proven record of successful implementations worldwide in a broad range of industries including:

Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Wood Products, Pulp & Paper,  Mining, Transportation, Construction, Utilities, Governments, Public Sector, States, Provinces, Counties, Cities, Food Products, Energy, Chemical, Medical Devices, and Manufacturing

RMB World Leaders in Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), providing global maintenance consulting and implementation services, facilitates business improvement. RMB supports the leading software providers offering a broad spectrum of EAM (enterprise asset management), CAM (Capital Asset Management), CLAM (Complete Lifecycle Asset Management) and CMMS products, such as Oracle CMMS or Oracle JDE E1.

RMB will assist you with maintenance strategy, business and process improvements, business realignments, and critical self–constructed asset decisions. RMB will evaluate and make recommendations for the selection of software tools and consulting partners with analysis of industry requirements, benchmarking, planning, cost estimates and full project management implementation. They can effectively ascertain whether Oracle CMMS will be the best solution for streamlining your operations, or if the JDE E1 management system and its flexibility is better suited to your infrastructure. They will devise the solutions you need to ultimately improve your bottom line.

Their consultants have worked with clients across the nation, around the world, in multiple languages and we are dedicated to results. Each consultant works one on one with the client to thoroughly understand the past, present and future of the company and the industry at large. Their track record is proven in the results we attain for each client. RMB understand that the final results are what matter and so they will insure on time, on budget implementations that meet and exceed your teams’ key performance measures. So, if you want to begin improvements to your business, contact RMB now.

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