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HAMR Technology from Seagate Will Reach 60 TB Hard Disk

Seagate introduced the presence of storage technology Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR). HAMR is a writing technique in which the magnetic data storage media with help of a laser beam heated first. With this technique, the density of hard disk up to 1 TB per inch. To note, most large capacity hard disks today are many in the market has only reached 3 TB. Seagate will use the latest technology for HAMR hard disk doubling its production capacity to 60 TB!

In general, hard disk manufacturers increases density and capacity by narrowing the disc bit data, so as to accommodate more bits on each square inch from the size of the disc. By pressing the amount of track data, it will be more bits of data that can be accommodated. The challenge is, manufacturers are expected to narrow bit and track data without affecting the effects of magnetism, which would distort the data.

According to Seagate’s HAMR technology capable of compressing bit linear approximately 2 million bits per square inch. This means that the data density can be increased up to more than 1 trillion bits, or 1 TB per square inch. Capacity is 55 percent higher than the density of current hard disk, which is 620 gigabits per square inch.

Seagate said the first-generation 3.5-inch desktop hard disk manufactured by companies that HAMR technology will offer a 6 TB capacity. As for the notebook hard disk (2.5 inch), Seagate will offer a 2 TB capacity. In the future, with this technology Seagate also promising hard disk with a density of between 5 to 10 TB per square inch. That means Seagate desktop hard disk capable of producing 30 to 60 TB capacity and notebook hard disk and 10 to 20 TB capacity.

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