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HIS HD 7950 Performance Review

This graphics card HIS Radeon HD 7950 also featured similar to Sapphire HD 7970. This graphics card comes with a standard reference design, with a long dimension, as well as a large cooling system. HIS HD 7950 also comes with standard specifications reference in terms of core and memory speeds.

This graphics card uses AMD Tahiti graphics chip base, which is also used on the faster Radeon HD 7970. However, on the Radeon HD 7950, AMD slightly cut its core speed, and reduce its number of shader processors (from 2048 to 1792). Furthermore, power consumption is also a little lower and a little more quiet loud.

HIS Radeon HD 7950 has a very good performance, not least with Radeon HD 7970 that are in it. To carry out a variety of new games that require a high specification, this graphics card certainly capable to serve in detail settings and high resolution. Power consumption also slightly better than the Radeon HD 7970.

Testing Results

Tests 1280×1024 1920×1080
3DMark Vantage 24 088 19 073
3DMark 11 6511 2088
Unigine Heaven 2.5 80.3 fps 58.9 fps
DiRT 3
– Medium 128.64 fps 121.30 fps
– Ultra 86.85 fps 69.79 fps
STALKER 139.4 fps 106.7 fps


core speed 800 MHz
memory speed 5000 MHz
memory Capacity 3 GB GDDR5
Line data 384-bit
website www.hisdigital.com
price U.S. $ 485

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