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How to Make Optimization SEO On Page and SEO Off Page

The difference between on page and off page optimizations is just, when we do anything inside of our site to optimize it then it is called on-page optimization, when do outside of our blog to optimization then it is called off-page optimization. On-page Optimization is the very first and most important step of SEO. It is a continuous process which enables individual web-pages to be found over the internet. Using this process we optimize our web-pages for various search engines as Google, Yahoo, bing etc.Basically It deals domain name, titles, meta tags and alt tags.

Parts of On-page optimization

1. Domain Name

Domain name is the most important thing if you are going to start a business site. you must be very selective while choosing a domain name for your website the domain name must reflect your business.
example: – If I start a business of selling sports things then i might select the domain name as “sportsworld” or ”sportsheaven” etc and any thing that directly relates to my business.

2. Title

Title is the second important thing. It should be 60-70 characters long. It should be a mixture of the main keywords relates to your site’s nature. As i have given a example of sports company website , then the tilte should be as “shop for your all sports need” or something like this.
there are two way to put tilte on your site , either use or use Meta title

3. Meta tags

Meta tags are very important part of on-page optimization. The two most important Meta tags are “Meta keywords” and “Meta description“.

Meta Keywords: All the search engines give value to the meta keywords and this helps in getting very good rank in search engines. each page of your site should be optimized by relevant meta keywords.
Don’t use the keywords which are not related to your website, use only those keywords which are relevant to your website or webpage.

Meta Description: It is the tag where you can keep a short introduction of your site. through this search engines and bots get infromation of your site. different webpages should have different meta description on the same website, this gives a individual value to all of your webpages.

4. Alt Tags

Alt tags are very important while putting an image on your site. Images are the best way to get a huge amount of traffic but How can a search engine index your image as they read only text.??
The solution is adding “alt tags” to your images. So that search engines index those text which is written under the alt tags of images.

5. Page content

Last but not the least. The most important thing of the website is its “content”. I think content is the “king” of all I have discussed above because everything works good if you have a killer content on your site. Don’t use copied content on your site. write your content and try to use those keywords which are relevant to your site. make Bold the keywords, It puts an extra impact on search engines

After reading above lines you are knowing that in off-page optimization we don’t have to do anything with our site code, We just have to promote our site on other sites such as in directories, bookmarking etc. So now we study about all the parts of off-page optimization step by step. so here are the things we have to do in off page optimization.

Parts of Off-page optimization

1. Directory submission

Web Directories are just like the phone directories, they keep the details of all the websites. We just need to submit our link into these directories. There are a huge list of directories over the web. Submitting your website to these directories is the best way to build links and its very helpful in achieving PR(Page Rank). All you have to do is just submit your site in the directories, and wait for approval. while submitting choose only relevant category only.

Here are few good directories:

  • www.bestdirectorysites.com
  • www.dmoz.org
  • www.hotfrog.com
  • www.syndirectory.com
  • www.blackabsolute.com

2. RSS Submission

RSS submission are the one of the nicest ways to build links. In such type of site you need to submit your sites url and site’s rss feed then they fetch that feed and when ever you post any article on your site it will also reflect on that rss site. I personally like rss submission very much.

Here are few rss sites:

  • www.newsisfree.com
  • www.syndic8.com
  • www.technorati.com/ping/
  • www.daypop.com/info/submit.htm
  • reader.rocketinfo.com

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the another greatest ways to promote your site over www. As you know bookmarking means is just to store the site’s url, we usually do bookmark the sites we like in our browser. Social bookmarks does the quite same work they store you sites url in their list as a resource for public. Users with similar interest can use your site from that store. You just need to bookmark you site in top bookmarking sites.

Here are few bookmarking sites:

  • www.digg.com
  • www.stumbleupon.com
  • www.delicious.com
  • www.tweetmeme.com
  • www.reddit.com

4. Social Networking Sites

Social networking site optimization is in trend. If you want to get huge traffic then this is the best place. As you know social networking sites are used too much by public, just take Facebook for example, The name is well enough to say the story. You have to promote your sites on these types of sites.

Here few social networking sites:

  • Facebook.com
  • myspace.com
  • orkut.com
  • linkedin.com
  • Twitter.com

5. Press Release Submission

Press release is nothing but the announcement of the latest update on your site. people think this is the old way but i think its still in the run and very beneficial. they can prove to be one of the most effective ways to deliver news of events taking place on your site.

6. Guest Posting

Guest posting is in the trend. Guest posting means you just go an write articles for other’s site if the site owner allows. In return you will get do-follow links for your site. Write for the stes which gets huge traffic, Then only you get more benefit. Now days almost every blog allows guest posting. Just search blogs of your interest and write for them.

7. Forum Posting

Forum posting is another way to get links but this is very time consuming as you have to be active in forums. Whenever you reply to any post or write any post in forums then make sure give you site links somewhere in post or in your signature.

8. Comment Posting

Comment posting is the best and less time consuming way to get huge traffic on your site. there are thousand’s of sites which is comluv enabled. comluv enabled sites give you an option to show your anyone of the link from your 10 most recent posts in comment. I personally suggest if you are not getting time for all above mentioned optimization then atleast do comment posting on the blogs which are getting huge traffic.

9. Classified Ads Submission

If you are selling products the classified submission would be very beneficial for your site. classified means just to post your product link with its price, image and a short description on classified sites.

Here are few nice classified sites:

  • classifieds.shopmania.com
  • 50statesclassifieds.com
  • internationaladvertiser.com
  • classifieds.citypaper.net
  • oodle.com

10. Article Submission

Last but not the least – article submission, This is the most effective way to get pure & relevant links and solid backlinks. As we know that articles should be written for readers not for search engines, So don’t use softwares for generating articles because they generate search engine optimized articles. also don’t copy from anywhere, just write on your own then only article sites will approve your article and then you can get solid backlinks from them

Here are few good Article submission sites:

  • ezinearticles.com
  • findarticles.com
  • isnare.com
  • addme.com
  • articlebase.com

Attention: For all the submission Don’t use any automated software, this is the illegal way, search engines track these kind of activity and can penalize your site by putting in the spam. So do submission manually, This is the good and legal way.

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