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Employee Time Clock Software, Tracking Your Employee Worked Time Easily

When you have employees, you must keep accurate track of their time worked. This is important to ensure that they are paid for time worked while minimizing losses to fraud. An accurate record of hours worked is also important when you are making business decisions. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit from Timeclockeshop.com employee time clock software.

Unscrupulous employees are happy to have their friends log them in or out, so they can be paid for working when they are actually at home in bed. With available biometric scanners, you can eliminate this manner of fraud. People have to be present to log in or out, and the clock will accurately record their entry and exit time to the minute.

You are required to pay your employees for the time they work. If someone claims that they worked days and were not paid, then you could be facing serious charges and penalties. With tracking software, you can easily establish whether the person was actually on duty, what amount they were paid and when they received the payment. If someone is late, you will not pay them for the minutes they were not there, and people who work overtime will be properly recorded and reimbursed.

Effective time keeping starts with quality programs. Simple time cards can be punched by anyone, but biometric scanners prevent this type of fraudulent activity. With accurate recording of data, you will have information tracked and maintained for your own protection and to ensure that your staff is properly compensated.

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