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Record Calls Using Your Mac, How to Record a Call on Your Mac

cnwintech_recor d a call on your Mac_9

Recording all kinds of phone calls on your Mac is easier than you think! Not so long ago, recording a phone call meant awkwardly positioning a dictation machine near a handset and hoping for the best. More recently, voice-over-IP applications like Skype have brought voice and video communication to the desktop. In the latest versions of Mac OS X and iOS, not only can you perform FaceTime Audio as well as video calls between your devices, but now regular cellular calls can be received on Wi-Fi-only devices such as Macs and Wi-Fi iPads, too. This is incredibly useful – so ...

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Make Your Mac Go Faster by Improving Performance


There are lots of things you can do to improve the performance of your Mac. Here are the ones that will have the biggest impact. More RAM The more RAM you have, the better. One reason that Macs can run slowly is because apps and processes consume lots of RAM, leaving little for the others. But RAM is expensive, and adding it after you’ve bought a Mac is becoming difficult. The next best option? Minimize how much you use. Don’t keep lots of apps running if you’re not using them, and close Safari tabs. Use Activity Monitor to identify apps ...

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How Wi-Fi Is Crippling the Ethernet Standard


Ethernet, the wired networking technology that originated at Xerox PARC more than 40 years ago, has always been remarkably solid. Much as Wi-Fi has ruled wireless networking since its inception in 1997, Ethernet has always stayed the course, adopting and refining new technologies as required, but never diverging from the path. After all, that is Ethernet’s strength: Without standardization, the world (or at least the world’s networks) would fall apart. Unfortunately, it now seems that those four decades of calm, gradual, standardized updates to Ethernet might finally be coming to a close. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ...

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Purchasing Apple Computers


Finding a wide selection of used Apple computers is important for many people who want to have the right computing power in their home or business. These Apple computers are best for people who want to work in graphics, art or music. The best way for people to get the right computers is to buy a used computer that is going to be much less expensive than the new computers on the market. People do not want to sink all their hard-earned money into a computer, and they can save that money without giving up the computing power that they ...

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What is Wireless Overclocking & How to Perform? (Part 2)

How to Perform Wireless Overclocking

You’ve read about wireless overclocking explanations, and we hope in previous article you already know little about wireless overclocking. However, how to perform this wireless overclocking? Read further discussion on this article. Wireless overclocking installation steps Ensure wi-fi on a gadget or smartphone, Wireless overclocking requires a Wi-Fi connection for PC and smartphone can be interconnected. Install an application used to overclock on PC. In this case, we used MSI Control Center for mainboard overclocking and MSI Afterburner for graphics card. Install applications for your smartphone or gadget. Usually vendors provide them in the App Store for iOS users or ...

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What is Wireless Overclocking & How to Perform? (Part 1)

How to Perform Wireless Overclocking

If you are an overclocker, you will often dealing directly with your computer and access the BIOS to overclock your PC. Because times have become more sophisticated, now overclocking can be done even already entered into the Windows system though. Because, all vendors provide software to do so. Overclocking via Windows is fun because it does not need to restart to see the changes in PC performance. Still, you have to deal directly with your computer. If you are tired in that ways, you can try a new way in the world of overclocking, the wireless overclocking. Only with a ...

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Plus & Minus Cloud Storage Services


There are many options for those who want to use cloud-based data storage services. From the Google-owned service called Google Drive, Apple’s cloud service called iCloud, to a number of other services are also quite popular like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Box. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages of each. A tech-support FixYa site summarizes advantages, and disadvantages are sourced from the 25 million users of cloud-based data storage services. Users Dropbox and Box have security problems, and slow connection on the second server service. It is not strange. Dropbox in July successfully hacked by someone, and hundreds of users ...

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Top 5 Tablets for Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts_5_tablet_TOP

Christmas Day had its day longer. Do you have prepared the perfect gift for the special persons? If not, here are some nicest tablet choice may be an option for Christmas gifts. 1. Apple iPad (4th generation) 4th generation Apple iPad is the latest series of the iPad series. Has dimensions of 9.50 x 7.31 x 0.37 inches, the iPad 4 has been equipped with chipset Apple A6X and Dual Core processor, 1400 MHz – the latest Apple Swift. Announced on October 23, 2012 ago, the tablet comes with iOS 6 operating system, making it easier for users to operate ...

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Battery iPhone More Efficient

Updates that performed on iPhone in all areas, both hardware and software seems to still leaves an empty space in their defense until easily attacked by opponent’s camp striker Android and BlackBerry. Instead of fixing weaknesses in previous products, iOS 5 and iPhone 4S actually have significant problems in battery life side. Even though Apple officially has been anticipated by updating iOS with iOS 5.0.1 version which believed able to eliminate the problem, several iPhone users still dissatisfied its batteries performance. So, what would you do? Is not use them entirely so that keep iPhone battery full? Not exactly, there ...

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Nero Kwik Media Software Performance Review

During this time, Nero known as a reliable burning applications. Many years experience makes it appear different from deliver function not only burning tool, but also includes multimedia applications all-in-one. Although some of its product are a paid application, Nero kindly to presenting variant application that can be used free of charge, namely Nero Kwik Media. Nero Kwik Media in general tends to emphasize multimedia functions for file management of images, audio, and video. Capabilities they offer can be used to organize, edit, and share files. This application will make content available based on category Music, Photos, and Videos. Users ...

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