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Useful Tips for Managing Your Company and Employees

Running a company can be difficult for even the best managers. It may seem like something always goes wrong, there are constant changes in policies, or that you’re always waiting on something or someone to arrive. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can make running your company easier than ever.

First off, consider using Epsys supply chain management software. This will simplify many aspects of your job and streamline many of your tasks. Any type of software that makes things run more smoothly or that does the work for you is a “must” when it comes to management.

Next, make sure you get organized. Hang a wall calendar where employees can see important dates. Include relevant meetings, scheduling changes, and even office parties on the calendar. Remember that people can’t show up if they don’t know about the event. Unfortunately, many employees forget to read their email or neglect to check their voice mail messages. Having a huge calendar where everyone can see it will make a huge difference in employee participation.

It’s also a good idea to be proactive in verbally affirming your employees. While many employers are quick to let employees know when they’ve made a mistake, it’s important that you also take the time to recognize when someone does something right. A positive comment as simple as “I really like how you did this report. It was very clear and easy to understand,” can go a long way in making your employees feel important and valued.

Remember that no matter how big or small your office may be, it’s important that you take the steps necessary to make sure everyone feels important, included, and well trained for their work at your office. Proper employee training and open communication from leaders is essential to making sure everyone is able to quickly and competently complete their work. A combination of proper equipment, good software, relevant communication, and positive affirmation will go a long way in making sure your company runs smoothly and efficiently. Remember that the happier your employees are, the harder they are likely to work, thus increasing your office’s production and making your company even better.

Employee Time Clock Software, Tracking Your Employee Worked Time Easily

When you have employees, you must keep accurate track of their time worked. This is important to ensure that they are paid for time worked while minimizing losses to fraud. An accurate record of hours worked is also important when you are making business decisions. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit from Timeclockeshop.com employee time clock software.

Unscrupulous employees are happy to have their friends log them in or out, so they can be paid for working when they are actually at home in bed. With available biometric scanners, you can eliminate this manner of fraud. People have to be present to log in or out, and the clock will accurately record their entry and exit time to the minute.

You are required to pay your employees for the time they work. If someone claims that they worked days and were not paid, then you could be facing serious charges and penalties. With tracking software, you can easily establish whether the person was actually on duty, what amount they were paid and when they received the payment. If someone is late, you will not pay them for the minutes they were not there, and people who work overtime will be properly recorded and reimbursed.

Effective time keeping starts with quality programs. Simple time cards can be punched by anyone, but biometric scanners prevent this type of fraudulent activity. With accurate recording of data, you will have information tracked and maintained for your own protection and to ensure that your staff is properly compensated.

Grow-up Your Businesses Using Customer Serveice Call Center from SolidCactus

Solid Cactus can give an e-Commerce business the tools it needs to be successful. It offers a wide range of programs from virtual assistant, scheduling appointments, and marketing, handling returns, correcting AVS issues and much more. A customer service call center at SolidCactus.com is based in the United States and is operated by experts for providing high quality customer service. The operators and management have years of experience and are fully trained to be part of the client’s business.

The Solid Cactus Call Center management is a member of NEPA Customer Service Consortium, which is a professional development and networking forum that aims at excellent customer service as well as driving customer loyalty. Solid Cactus offers solutions for all e-Commerce issues and has redesigned or designed over 3,500 e-Commerce sites. The world-class staff is expert at what makes a successful e-Commerce business. It offers:

  1. Virtual Office Services including contact drop shippers, resolving credit card declines and managing incoming email;
  2. Customer Service including capture sales and up-sell, answering product inquires and consistent on-going training;
  3. Answering Service that functions as a personal receptionist, relays messages and screens calls;
  4. Managed live chat that will convert questions to orders and is proactive with rule-based engagement and generation X friendly.

With this kind of support, the staff of an e-Commerce business can focus on the work they do best and leave the support work to Solid Cactus. This is the right place for e-Commerce software, web design, e-Commerce marketing and call center services.

Wowza Media Server Performance Review, High-Performance Video Server Software


Cloud computing which has been implemented in wide-range strategic IT industry is now able to transform existing business models, especially in the online data storage and media streaming. As a leading IT services company focus on media server software, Wowza presents by bringing cloud services features that are safe and secure, fast, and reliable on their Media Server products that have become one of the leading products for companies which emphasizes on quality and reliability.

Media Server can transform multimedia data streaming such as videos, audios, images, high-definition and digital TV on the fast and stable cloud server machine and accessed securely through the high-performance Internet backbone (10 Gbps per server). With the support of these devices, you can enjoy multimedia streaming on any screen, live streaming on your computer, mobile device, and IPTV/OTT able to run smoothly with full range of features support and functionality offered by Wowza.

Advantages Wowza Media Server

Wowza has myriad feature just like media streaming and video server software. Media server features are categorized based on its function includes features live video streaming, on-demand video, video chat, and video recording where each of this feature has a different effect so can help them to target its audiences to achieve video streaming server experience qualities to your valuable consumers.

Wowza Media Server supports the trial license for 30 days so you can try it before you decide to buy their products at a cheaper price compared to its competitors (such as Adobe FMIS 4.5). After the trial period expired, you can buy a regular license per instance by selecting the licenses offered that fits with your needs: daily, montly, or perpetual.

Support various types of add-ons to enhancing and extending the media server functionalities where the add-ons will work and well-integrate when you first activated. Unfortunately, these add-ons are not free, so you need to buy a license offered.

Wowza is a well-branded companies that has long involved in media server software and have experienced in handling different industrial projects, enterprise-class companies, and organizations in delivering multimedia streaming services. More than 120.000 global licenses spread across 150 countries in various industries, organizations and even governments have used and entrusted Wowza as one of their reliable partner.

Good support plus clear and complete documentation on range of products they offered will bringing more confidence for each clients Wowza. In addition, support via email and also forums are always active and openly to build a communities that grows quickly between Wowza and their customers.

Supporting variety of popular operating systems today. Wowza Media Server Software supports a range of popular operating systems and is widely used in various strategic industries, including enterprise and government. Operating systems supported including Windows (such as Win Server 2012|2008|2003, 7, Vista, and XP); All Linux distributions variant; Mac OS; UNIX; Solaris.


For complete specs and also requirements to run this application on your machine, see list of full specification here.


Wowza Media Server is perfect for those of you who want to provide streaming video software qualified and classy on your clients, supported excellent of benefits, features, and high-resources. In addition, it is also supported with many add-ons, well documentation, and 24 hour support via Wowza. It should be noted that the minimum hardware specs to run this software smoothly are pretty little higher since this is server class.

Schneider Electric Introduces IT Business StruxureWare for Data Center

Schneider Electric IT Business introduces StruxtureWare for Data Center, a software management that is designed to address all aspects of data center physical infrastructure needed to maximize the capability and efficiency (10/4).

StruxureWare for the data center, incorporating Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Facility Management (DCFM), thus combining the data, monitoring, automation and the planning and implementation functions that can activate a process of integration and multiple views of all the physical mission critical systems of a data center. It is also able to produce a manageable data center becomes more reliable, efficient, productive, safe and harmless to the environment.

“With StruxureWare, Schneider Electric provides a complete equipment where data center managers can access and manage domains in the IT space, build an electric power and power quality, facilities and data center cooling and physical security. Management software suite presents a comprehensive Data, accurate and current Data so that they can perform actions based on a complete picture of the data center,” said Michael Kurniawan as Business Vice President, Schneider Electric IT.

StruxureWare for Data Center Management Software Suite offers a variety of solutions, namely:

  • StruxureWare for Data Center Monitoring Suite: The series is presented StruxureWare Central monitoring, StruxureWare Power and Cooling StruxureWare. The third runway is able to provide a composite view and analysis of complex IT physical infrastructure. Active alarm information, a history of alarms, sensors, power sources and control the cooling system can be monitored through the dashboard to quickly and easily.
  • StruxureWare for Data Center Operations Suite: The second generation of Data Center Infrastructure Management that allows users to increase control over daily use.

The initial offer from the network StuxureWare for Data Center is StruxureWare Central v6.3 and StruxureWare Central Mobile Application for iPhone and Blackberry. Presents a solution that continues to evolve to meet the needs all of the data center and facilities professionals. All offers and latest news about StuxureWare for the data center will continue to comply with the existing components of InfraStruxure Management Software portfolio.

android app developer, Where to Register Your Company?

Are you looking for where you can register your company for android app developers? Yes, we can find many startup company for Android developers nowadays, and yes, it looks simple to build one for Android developer. But in reality, it is kinda complicated. One of the biggest question is where to register our company for Android developer to gain much profit?

There is a list of countries from where Android developers might sell their products – application. Google has published a list of countries where you should have registered company in order to be able to sell your application. But maybe the list does not list your country in it, as Android developer you might wonder in which country you should have registered company in order to get paid. Well, Startupr might help to register your company. If you want to register company in Singapore or even open company in Hong Kong, Startupr can handle it, you can even register in Ireland company formation.

Startupr is an incorporation service with strong believe in low prices and efficient service. Their main focus are startups with global ambitions. Startupr want you to focus on building your business knowing someone is taking care of the administrative tasks. Startupr goal is to set up our own offices in many countries which will allow us to offer the highest quality service available. They are also looking for partners who share the same vision as us and would like to open Startupr office in their country. Startupr  back end software will automatically send you reminders for important annual filings. You will have important documents uploaded in your online account.

So, are you about to open up a new company? or just wealth management company to protect your assets? If you are from a country that doesn’t listed in that list, you should consider where to register your company.