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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cable Connector

There are a lot of different cable connectors to choose from. This is why you need to be careful about which one you decide to buy. You should never be fooled into thinking that one type of cable connector is just as good as any other. There are some major differences in quality that you need to be aware of before you commit to buying anything. Doing some research about the differences in the various cable connectors that are available is essential in order to ensure that you choose the best one for your particular needs. Here are some of the most essential considerations that you need to make regarding cable connectors.

1. What will you be using the connector for?

The type of connector that you buy will be determined by the the jobs that you need to perform. Obviously, not all connectors are the same. You need to be certain that the connector you buy is specifically designed for the task that you are buying it to perform. Otherwise, you will run into some very serious problems. Therefore, you should talk to other people who perform the tasks that you are trying to accomplish. Ask these people what type of cable connectors they use on a regular basis. This will set you on the right path.

2. What company makes the cable connectors you are interested in?

The brand definitely matters when you are buying cable connectors. There are several companies that have established a great track record of making outstanding cable connectors that have the ability to last for a very long time. These are the companies that you should purchase your cable connectors from. Do not be tricked into buying connectors that are inferior and made out of cheap materials that will not last very long at all. Ipex is known for selling high quality FPC and FFC connectors.

3. How much will the cable connectors cost you?

Be careful not to pay more than you should for cable connectors. You should look at many different websites that sell cable connectors. This will enable you to see how much each one is charging for their cable connectors. You can then find out which sites are giving you the greatest bargain. You must also figure the cost of shipping into the equation. This will be significant if you will be buying connectors frequently.

7 Tips for Data Backup and Recovery

Losing your files can be more than just an inconvenience, especially if you’re a business owner with profits to make and confidential information to keep secure. Here are just seven tips for protecting your livelihood.

1. Know Your Options

There are many different ways to back up your files, but they usually fall under the same two umbrellas:

  • Manual back-up is done with USB flash drives or external hard drives. Your files are copied directly to the device, so you’ll always have a “hard copy” on hand no matter what happens to your computer.
  • Digital back-up is when your files are transferred to another computer, server or network. They might also be uploaded to the cloud with something like Cloud SMB Backup Software. This method doesn’t give you the peace of mind of a hard copy, but it’s much quicker and convenient for growing businesses.

Both options come with their pros and cons, so you’ll need to decide for yourself which is right for you and your company.

2. Identify Your At-Risk Files

Which documents are the most sensitive or confidential? Which programs are too valuable to lose? From hacks to viruses, there are endless ways that your files can be lost, so it’s important to prioritize them as you prepare for the worst. Put them into two categories: those that you don’t want to lose and those that you cannot lose without a serious impact on your business.

3. Choose the Right Software

With so many backup and recovery programs out there, it can be difficult to find “the one.” It helps to have a certain criteria in mind as you shop. Consider the following:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • User options
  • Computer requirements
  • Warranty
  • Consumer reviews

If your first choice doesn’t work out, it’s okay to go back to the drawing board and make a second. You don’t have to marry your data backup software. You can experiment with different brands and methods until you’re satisfied.

4. Set Up A Schedule

What’s the use of having backup software that you never run? Make a schedule for copying and transferring your most important files. If your software can back things up automatically, that might be easiest. It will save you from the stress of constant reminders while also preventing you from cancelling necessary backup processes just because they’re a little inconvenient.

5. Verify the Backup

This is a vital step in backing up your data. Even after you’ve been given a green check mark by your software, you should always verify that the documents were successfully copied, delivered or uploaded. You never know when you might have missed an important file or overlooked some small evidence of data corruption, and vigilance today can save you from a disaster tomorrow.

6. Create a Checklist

Make sure that you’re not forgetting anything with a data back-up checklist. While everyone will have different steps depending on their business and software, here’s a general template that you can modify for your unique circumstances:

  • Upgrade your software. Install any new patches or fixes. Take note of any warnings.
  • Make sure that every important file is where it needs to be for the backup process. Note how many files are there.
  • Run your software. Keep an eye on it to ensure that there are no problems with the process.
  • Verify that everything was backed up successfully. Look at the number of post-dump files on your new device or network. Does the number from step two match the number here at step four?

7. Don’t Take Chances With Recovery

Your files are gone. Maybe you didn’t back them up properly; maybe you forgot to back them up at all. The key is to remain calm and follow the right steps of data recovery. Instead of trying do-it-yourself “hacks” that might corrupt, damage or overwrite your files, use professional recovery software or let a certified data expert handle it. You don’t want to risk the important data of your employees and customers.

These are just a few tips for backing up and recovering your important business data. Remember, you’ll be glad that you took all of this effort when bad luck strikes.

5 Things to Pack in Your Backpack for College Classes

So, you are off to college, and the world is your proverbial oyster. But first, there are some things you need to know about your backpack. It’s spacious, can be quite comfy to carry, and you need some essentials in there at all times.

Grab a Refurbished Laptop or Tablet

Refurbished electronics, especially a refurbished Toughbook, are great because you can tote them with you everywhere. Most of them fit conveniently in your backpack. Or, you can carry them effortlessly across campus to your next class. Simple. Most electronics come with pre-loaded apps to make college work easier. For example, a calculator, notepad, and full keyboard would likely come in handy when studying or taking notes.

Go Classic with Pencils and Paper

If you would prefer to leave the electronics to the tech-savvier classmates, go classic with pencils and paper. Still useful, and the only thing you have to worry about is the pencil breaking or the paper ripping. Stock up on a few extra pencils and papers for any of your classmates that might have forgotten their own.

Keep a Binder for Your Notes & Paperwork

Binders are tried-and-true classics in the school world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, binders will always be perfection for keeping important classroom notes and paperwork in one convenient location. Sure, you could save your stuff on the computer. But not everything you get from your teacher will be in electronic formats.

Bring Along Snacks & Water

Professors usually don’t mind if their students eat or drink something as long as they remain quiet and non-disruptive. So, bring along some snacks and a bottle of water to get you through an especially long class. Quiet snacks would be things like raisins, oranges, microwave toaster pastries, and beef jerky. Chips would be a big no-no.

Keep Your Phone Charger Handy for Emergencies

Your phone could be your lifeline at college. If you ever have an emergency on campus or in class, you might need to call someone to let them know what is going on. And if your campus is on lockdown, it’s important to have your phone with you and fully charged. So, keep an extra charger in your backpack at all times.

College can be fun and daunting all at once. But you, an awesome student, can get through it. Simply re-read this article whenever you need a motivating boost of inspiration. Then go get em’, tiger.

Experienced Medical Package Testing and Consulting

Durable, yet easy-to-access packaging is a necessity when shipping medical devices to market. They need to be heavy-duty enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, but not too difficult for people to open. Product package testing is a necessary part of ensuring you are providing items that are safe to use and get to their destination without getting damaged.

Complete Analysis

Expert consultants will take a look at all aspects of your packaging, instructions for use and warnings. A total analysis of the effectiveness and safety of the packaging will save your company from having products recalled, or deemed poor quality by customers. Packaging for medical products is assumed to provide a sterile, ready-to-use product that has clear instructions for use. Anything less will need to changed and upgraded for a successful product launch.

Medical Packaging Integrity

Seals and closures for medical products should be secure at the start and stay that way during transport to sales locations. You can have the desired packaging tested to see if it can withstand the rigors of shipment and storage without being compromised in some way. There is a design, coupled with the right materials, providing the ability to get your product to market in excellent condition.

Prevention of Package Failure

Package failure can happen for many reasons. It might not be the right materials to withstand serious temperature fluctuations. Some cheap plastics have a low melting point. The thickness of the material may not be big enough. Products can tear through the packaging when being moved during the shipping process. Defective seals and lids can account for other failures in reducing the quality of the product. A consultant will look at every failure to determine the exact cause and work towards finding the perfect solution.

Guarantee of Safety for Use

Consumers want to know that the medical products they purchase and use are safe. Extra care should be taken to offer the guarantee that all packaging is designed with their safety and comfort levels in mind. Meeting and exceeding the standards should be paramount to any medical product company.

Contact packaging specialists like Ten E to get a complete analysis of your medical device packaging today!

Make Your Company More Successful With These Business Optimization Tips

Now that 2017 is in full swing, you’re probably thinking about how to make this year your company’s most successful. Luckily, there are hundreds of strategies you can utilize to realize this objective. Here are three of them:

1. Utilize Technical Solutions.

One great way to make your company increasingly successful is by utilizing technical solutions. These solutions are empowering because they enable you to ensure that the technical products and services you use are really optimizing your daily operations and making your company operate more effectively. If you’re in need of sourcing advisory services, note that the professionals of PM Kinetics would be happy to assist you. Before you hire any technical company, make sure that you focus on determining whether the organization in question is reputable. You can accomplish this objective by carefully reading through a wide range of the company’s online reviews.

2. Optimize Connectivity With Your Target Market.

In addition to utilizing technical solutions, make sure that you focus on optimizing connectivity with your target market. Although defined broadly, “connectivity” is basically the process of remaining in ongoing dialogue with your clients and prospects. Optimizing connectivity can have a wide range of incredible outcomes, one of which includes increased conversion rates. There are many ways that you can enhance and optimize your ability to regularly communicate with your target audience. One is by developing a strong online presence that enables you to interface with them on key social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

3. Implement Wellness Techniques.

One final strategy that you can deploy to make your company successful is implementing wellness techniques. These techniques are important because they will help you maintain the mental and physical vitality necessary to operate effectively within the work setting. Some of the wellness techniques that may enable you to realize this objective include obtaining a regular massage, meditating for fifteen minutes each day, and adding more fresh leafy greens to your diet.

Get Going And Growing Immediately!

There are several business optimization tips you can employ to make your organization function more effectively. Three of them include utilizing technical solutions, optimizing connectivity with the target audience, and implementing wellness techniques. By implementing some or all of these techniques immediately, you can keep your company on track to optimized growth and productivity in 2017!

Easy Tips to Maintain The Phaco Medical Machine Devices

To say that phaco machines are crucial to cataract surgery is an understatement, to say the least. Phaco machines are very expensive and represent a significant investment for any medical facility. Experts in the field have given some very good tips on caring for these delicate devices so that phaco handpiece repair is only needed when absolutely necessary.

The piezo crystals which are located within the tip of the device are very fragile. To keep them in perfect working order, experts recommend very gentle cleaning. This can be done by flushing all of the ports of the device with sterile water in the amount of 60 ccs. This will aid in removing debris culled from the eyes of the patient and also removing solutions of balanced salts. Both of these things can be very corrosive to the phaco devices.

Thoroughly examine the phaco for any nicks, dents, or other imperfections that may have occurred to the device during surgery. Other things to inspect are the cord and the silicone sleeve. After inspection, the item should be gently placed on the tray to await the autoclave.

After the autoclave procedure is performed, it is crucial to allow the device to cool at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes. This step is disregarded in a surprising amount of medical establishments. It is actually a main cause for decreased longevity in the lifespan of the device. By cooling down the device too quickly, such as by immersing the device into cold water, the crystals become depolarized, thus destroying them for their intended purpose.

Make sure the device is thoroughly dried before using again. This may seem like common sense but many medical personnel have reported plugging in phaco devices which were not properly dried and shorting out the handheld surgical instruments. After autoclaving, always ensure that the plug is dried in a professional manner.

By following these tips, the phaco device will enjoy a long life free from the need for troublesome and potentially expensive repair. It is the duty of all medical staff involved to assure the proper care and functionality of all devices used during medical procedures.

Finding the Perfect Gift for Those Hard to Buy For People

Whether you are buying a gift for a family member, co-worker, or that special someone, finding a suitable gift for certain people can be a daunting task. This is more than likely because you don’t have any common interests. Your first step is to focus on what they spend their time enjoying, and use that as a place to begin. The following ideas can help.


We all know that certain someone who loves technology. They are the first to buy the latest gadgets and electronics. You may not be able to purchase them a new phone or tablet, but there are still other options. Laptop, phone, and tablet covers make wonderful gifts, and you’ll help them protect their latest investment. Stylus pens, screen protectors, and cleaning kits are also much appreciated gift ideas. Don’t forget to include a gift card to an electronics store as well.


If you need a present for that one person who is always engrossed in the latest video game, the gift options are limitless. Find out what systems they use. This can lead you to which accessory items such as controllers, interactive figures, and power packs that they may like. You could also look for t-shirts and collectibles for their favorite characters. For example, if you start with Mario as a theme, you can fill a gift bag with mugs, hats, and action figures. Gaming cheat code books can also be an excellent gift idea.

Sports Fans

Sports fans are the easiest to buy for. You can easily create a basket themed around their favorite team. Fill it with shirts, hats, cups, and other items displaying their team’s logo. Remember to use the team colors throughout the basket. You may also incorporate things related to the sport itself. Fill a baseball themed basket with Cracker Jacks, catcher’s mitts, and peanuts. Autographed NFL memorabilia makes the perfect anchor for a football basket. Search for these keepsakes from online stores such as Gridiron Greats Football Memorabilia or online auction sites.

Use any of the above ideas the next time you need a great gift idea for that hard to buy for person on your list. They will be sure to appreciate the thought that went into finding a present that reflects their own personal interests.

Quick Ways To Protect Yourself Online

More and more people are going online, and they are accessing the Internet in a variety of ways. It used to be that desktop computers were the only way people got to their favorite websites. All of that is changing with the rise in popularity of mobile computing devices and laptops. As you do more communicating, shopping and banking online, you should know some quick and easy ways to protect yourself from criminals and malware.

Change Your Passwords Often

You can learn how to create strong passwords by referencing material online from Internet security companies. The best way to create strong passwords is to use a combination of letters and numbers that would be hard for anyone else to figure out. You should also never store lists of your passwords on your computer or handheld computing devices.

Visit Only Secure Websites

If you plan on buying something from a website and the website address does not begin with https://, then go to a different website. This address block indicates that the website you are using is secure and you can feel comfortable giving your information. You might see the https:// either in red or with a line through it, which means it is not a secured page and you should not use it.

Don’t Keep Personal Information On Your Mobile Computing Devices

Security for mobile computing devices is getting better, but your phone or tablet is still not as secure as your desktop or laptop. You should avoid storing account numbers or account information on your phone, and you should also avoid putting detailed information about your contacts in your phone’s address book as well. You can leave the detailed information for your desktop.

Avoid Public WiFi For Transactions

Public WiFi connections are not secure and not good ways to do transactions. If you want to do a transaction when you are out and about, then either use your standard cell connection or find a place that has secured WiFi. Be prepared to pay for secured WiFi as most companies do not offer it for free.

The Internet is becoming more of a part of everyone’s daily life than ever before. People all over the world connect online, and that can create a potentially dangerous environment. Be smart with your online transactions and you can avoid the perils that come with going online.

Planning for Your Summer Time Home Repairs? Try this ideas

Everyone loves the summer, with its beautiful warm weather, family vacations, and amazing fresh fruit and vegetables available. It’s also often the most convenient time of year to schedule your home repairs and improvements. Since you will be spending more time outside, you will start to notice areas that need some work, but you may not think of everything. Consider these ideas when you are planning for your summer time home repairs, and get your home ready to host awesome events and parties.

First, think about the important design elements of your home and outdoor space. Make sure that your backyard, patio, or deck is a safe and secure place to host guests or hang out in the sun. If you need to replace major pieces, like aluminum balusters for your patio or railings, find a sturdy product from a reputable company, such as Union Metalworks. If you need contracting work done, do your research and find the best. You don’t want to take chances with your safety.

Once you’ve taken care of the major elements, it’s time to weather proof your home for the summer. Check places like your roof, basement, and windows for signs of wear and tear. The summer is also the perfect time to check for insect infestations and treat them immediately. While some bugs, like ants, are essentially harmless, other insects, like termites, can quickly destroy your home when left unchecked. Depending on your environment, you may also need to make other preparations to deal with summer weather concerns. It’s always better to fix problems when they are small, rather than wait until your home is in real trouble.

Finally, make your home an inviting place to be in the summer by adding comforts and beauty. Fill your space with fragrant flowers and herbs, and consider replacing your boring, difficult lawn with a bountiful garden of vegetables. You can enjoy your home grown fruits and veggies in comfort, on padded, soft patio furniture. Add lighting to further enhance your nighttime mood, including torches that have the add benefit of deterring mosquitoes. Keep yourself and your guests by getting bitten by bugs during evening parties by employing citron candles and other herbal repellents.

Summer days and nights are best enjoyed in a beautiful back yard. Make your home a safe and secure place, ready to face the heat, and invite your loved ones to come over.

Choosing Louvers for Your Commercial Building

CnwinTech - Installing Louvers In Your Building

Installing new louvers on the windows and exterior of your commercial building can help you cut down on energy bills and increase privacy too. Typically made from a metal like aluminum, these louvers come in different sizes and are available in custom sizes for more unique buildings. You can even pick a color that matches the look of your building. Whether you own an apartment building, an office space or a retail store, you can still rely on some basic tips when choosing the right louvers for that building.

Look at Weather Conditions

The first thing you want to think about is the climate and weather conditions that are prevalent in your area. Wind-driven rain louvers have a unique design that blocks out driving rain. These louvers have larger pieces of metal that sit at an angle on the front. That design keeps the wind from pushing rain through the metal and hitting the glass window panes. Extreme weather louvers are another great option. These are best suited for areas that suffer from tornadoes, hurricanes and other extreme weather condition.

Think About Noise

When you own an apartment building or an office complex where employees want more peace and quiet, you might consider acoustic louvers. Also known as soundproofing louvers, these are window elements that do a great job of blocking out the noises that you might otherwise hear from inside the building. Made from thicker metal pieces, these louvers still allow some natural light to stream inside the building but diffuse the noises that come from the street, nearby buildings and even other floors inside the same building. As with other extruded aluminum louvers, you can choose acoustic louvers in the size you need and the color you want.

Consider Other Factors

Other types of louvers are better suited for other types of buildings. For example, you might invest in penthouse louvers if you own an apartment complex with one or more penthouse apartments. These louvers have a modern and contemporary look that will match the upscale design of that apartment. You can also opt for adjustable louvers that you can move up or down to let in more light. Some building owners may prefer drainable louvers that let them drain off any excess water from the metal. Installing louvers on any commercial building can regulate the temperature inside and give residents or employees more privacy.