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Month: January 2024

  • Healthy Tech
    the 4 importance of price transparency in healthcare

    The 4 Importance of Price Transparency in Healthcare

    The Price Transparency in Healthcare. In the ideal healthcare market, consumers have direct access to cost and quality information in a helpful format for purchasing. But this is far from reality for many patients. Many hospitals have implemented transparency initiatives by making payer-negotiated rates publicly available in machine-readable formats. It is important because this information can be used by consumers with HDHPs and Health Savings Accounts to compare prices for…

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  • Information Technology
    streamlining operations: the efficiency benefits of parking ticket software

    The 4 Big Efficiency Benefits of Parking Ticket Software, Streamlining Operations

    Benefits of Parking Ticket Software. A well-developed operational streamlining strategy empowers organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. This requires carefully examining existing processes and developing a plan to optimize them through automation. Using parking ticket software removes the human element of a process, making it quicker and more efficient for everyone involved. Here are some of the ways it does this: Automated Maintenance…

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