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6 Quick Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

You will want to generate targetted traffic to your blog but you will want the traffic to continue returning to your blog.  In the beginning, people will not find your blog unless you learn how to drive targeted traffic to your blog.  Here are six quick ways to help you drive traffic to your blog.

Be a Guest Poster

Most blogs allow guest posts.  Usually, they will accept a post based on quality content.  So make sure you provide good and useable information. Only submit unpublished content as a guest post.  The reason being is if it has already been published, that blog will not get any search engine traffic for that article.

Blog Community Sites

Look for other blogs in your niche.  Join their networks.  Networking with fellow bloggers will send a few visitors your way and it’s a good way to get started.


Sign up for a blogcarnival.  Submit articles that you wrote on your blog.  The hosting blog will include your article in their list of articles.  Make sure your article has a good title and is keyword rich in content.

Comment on Blogs

If you comment on other blogs it will help you network with other bloggers.  New blogs can get traffic commenting on other blogs.


Google your niche for forums.  There will be numerous lists of forums in your niche.  This will laser-target prospects online that hang out in your particular niche. Don’t just promote yourself.  Give the visitors’ good content and valuable information.  In your signature line, you can have a link to your blog.

Submit Articles

Article submission that has relevant content and keyword-rich will drive traffic to your blog as you link your blog within the article.  Make sure your title is keyword rich.  Usually, the word count needs to be at least 250-500 words in length.

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