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Beginner BioHazard Lab Safety Tips, 2 Safety Rules You Should Know

Working with Biohazards

The BioHazard Lab Safety Tips. Anyone who works in a lab, whether for school or a career, is likely to come in contact with a bio-hazard at some point. Some of the most common types of bio-hazards include blood (human or animal), human or animal waste, used needles, pathological waste, and microbiological waste. Unless notified otherwise, lab workers should assume a bio-hazard is dangerous. Knowing how to maintain a lab is key to staying safe from bio-hazards.

BioHazard Lab Safety Tips


Maintaining the equipment the bio-hazards are used with and the places where bio-hazards are kept is one of the best ways to keep lab workers safe. Lab workers should clean all items that bio-hazards come in contact with regularly. Different pieces of equipment and storage items will need to be cleaned in different ways.

It is also important to check for cracks and other damages in equipment. One thing that often goes overlooked is bio-safety cabinet testing. Make sure to look over everything as carefully as possible. If damages are apparent, schedule repairs to replace the item as soon as possible. 


If there is a bio-hazard spill or contamination in the lab, it is important to dispose of the bio-hazard safely. Most labs should have a specifically designated disposal place for bio-hazards. If a lab worker does not know what to do with the specific bio-hazard, it is best to put it in the designated disposal place. These containers are usually made of hard plastic and lined with bags. Be extra careful when disposing of sharps, so they do not poke whoever ends up emptying the container; try to cover the tip of the needle, if possible.

Coming into contact with a bio-hazard in a lab is fairly common. All students and lab employees should be trained on how to deal with them effectively and safely. Lab operators and teachers would do well to invest in a lab safety training day.

beginner biohazard lab safety tips
CnwinTech: BioHazard Lab Safety Tips

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