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  • Photo of Canonical URL: How To Set Preffered Domain www or non www

    Canonical URL, www or not? Many bloggers/webmasters have known about this canonical URL issues, canonical pages, and canonical tag pagination, but there are some who don’t know or maybe wondering what is preferred domain, how to set this up and what is the advantage of using WWW prefix or without it. I was wondering what I want to write in this blog about SEO for the first time. So I…

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  • Photo of Finding Your Blogging Niches

    This is especially important if the blogging is being done for the purpose of financial compensation. Ideally, a blog owner should select a blog subject about which they are passionate and knowledgeable. “Finding your blogging niches” should be one of the aspects of blogging which the blogger carefully considers before starting a blog. However, bloggers should also carefully consider the direct competition as well as the purpose of the blog…

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  • Photo of A Social Network Blogging

    Social networks include popular websites such as where users can create personal websites and interact with other users. These websites may include a wide range of components including text, images, audio, video, and blogs. Here system users can voice their opinions, provided updates on their life, offer insight into current events, or accomplish a number of other goals. However, bloggers who utilize a social network to maintain their blog…

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