• Photo of CyberSecurity for the Next Generation in 2014 Held Again

    Bring together young researchers, a leading IT security experts and professors from universities around the world in a collaborative environment, fun and creative to discuss the hottest issues on the cyber security held back. Kaspersky Lab has just announced the resumption of the annual competition for students, “CyberSecurity for the Next Generation” for the new academic year. In 2014, the conference “CyberSecurity” consists of four rounds and one regional global…

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  • Photo of The Data Storage System Businesses in Industry, Whether have a Great Prospect in the Future?

    Upgrading data-storage systems is a top priority this year for nearly half of business executives who responded to a recent survey. The survey conducted by Information Week found that 44 percent of responding business leaders said that revamping their data-storage systems is a very high priority for this year. The continual data explosion has generated record sales years for many data-storage companies. Data-storage systems continue to be a large part…

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  • Photo of Protect Your Personal Information Online

    Internet security is at the forefront of many tech discussions these days, particularly with new concerns over just how much the government is peering at our surfing and data. Whether or not you particularly mind government intrusion, however, the fact remains that many of us unintentionally leave our personal information vulnerable – to hackers, data mining, etc. So here are a few tips for how to protect personal data like…

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  • Photo of Plus & Minus Cloud Storage Services

    There are many options for those who want to use cloud-based data storage services. From the Google-owned service called Google Drive, Apple’s cloud service called iCloud, to a number of other services are also quite popular like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Box. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages of each. A tech-support FixYa site summarizes advantages, and disadvantages are sourced from the 25 million users of cloud-based data storage services.…

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  • Photo of Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 Performance Review, Different Perform

    This NAS for SMEs by Western Digital using a different operating system than the NAS in general. Western Digital recently presented a variant of the latest product aimed on a larger scale. To answer the need for storage solutions to SME business, Western Digital presents its first Western Digital Sentinel product, DX4000. Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 has a number of capacity options. The difference located in the amount of hard…

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  • Photo of Comodo BackUp Free Edition Software Performance Review

    Currently, you no longer need dizziness if you want backing up data, ranging from the data file/directory, registry, to partition. Just trust all at Comodo BackUp Free Edition. If you are a person who often underestimate the importance of backing up data, Comodo BackUp has facilities scheduling the backup process so you do not have to do it manually. However, keep in mind that this application is not working to…

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  • Photo of Partition Manager Personal Edition Performance Review, Manage Multiple Operating Systems

    Partition Manager Personal Edition (PMPE) from Paragon has key functions such as Create, Edit, Format, Resize and Merge Partition. However, as a paid application, PMPE provide better feature in terms of hard disk partition management. PMPE hallmarks lies in its ability to resize partitions without destroying data, run multiple operating systems, copying partitions to back up your hard disk, solving boot problems, converting file systems and other complex operations. In…

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  • Photo of Folder Lock Performance Review, Lock the files/folders and portable devices

    Folder Lock can be used to lock a file/folder using AES 256-bit encryption. The method is capable of processing data protection in a short time, although the locked data are large. Folder Lock can not only be used on the data contained on your hard disk, but also on other storage media such as external hard disks, flash, and a compact disc (CD/DVD). To run the Folder Lock, the first…

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  • Photo of 10 Tricks Securing Your Account from Thieves

    Yahoo! admitted that over 450,000 username and password users have been hacked as hacker group publication, D33Ds, who on Wednesday (11/7) last claimed responsibility for the attack. Although confirmed only less than 5 percent Data that leaked D33Dsn is valid, Yahoo! recommends users change their passwords. In addition to changing passwords here are some tips you can consider for safe surfing in cyberspace. 1. Password Manager The use of a…

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  • Photo of Four Types of Scam and Spam to Avoid on Facebook

    With more than 800 million registered accounts and 400 million user visits each day, Facebook continues to lead the race dominance of social networking with unique and innovative products and intelligent marketing strategies that lead to user without stopping to press the ‘like’ and post status updates whole day. Facebook is not only a major media to share ideas and interact with friends, but the place is a booming attack…

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