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Cloud Security that CIO Need to Know

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According to Frost and Sullivan study at the end of 2010, mention that more than 70% of 10,400 information security professionals reveals that they are more challenged by the security issues which arise from the development of cloud computing and mobile devices. The CIO agreed that there is an urgent need to review the security of cloud-based technologies.

The adoption rate of cloud computing is okay to continue to increase, but CIOs remain alert to the emerging threats and risks of entrusting data and cloud applications into third-party vendors. Moreover, not all third-party vendors can provide the right solutions for solve the problems that arise.

For CIOs which are considering switching to the cloud, will be very useful for understand the risks which may arise, including:

1. The use of cloud for crime

The parties with bad intentions can leverage the cloud for expand range and success rate of their crimes, as well as for avoid criminal acts revealed. The CIO needs to ensure that their cloud service providers can protect against these threats through a more accurate criteria for login, authentication, and also the ability to monitor and track who is accessing their information in the cloud.

2. Threats from inside

The rise of smartphones has resulted in the leaking of sensitive company information via mobile devices used by employees for work. Leaking of sensitive company data on the Internet either intentionally or not, can deliver a fatal impact on the brand, financial and productivity of an organization. The CIO needs to ensure that providers of cloud they can do anticipate for protect companies from threats from inside. This could include providing limited access to resources or temporary depending on the company’s employee profile.

3. Choice of cloud providers

One of the biggest potential threat to consumers of cloud could be coming from the cloud provider that are used. Programming software can result in unsafe companies face a variety of security issues relating to confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability. The CIO needs to be aware of security controls that exist in their cloud provider, how effective control of their security, how they are integrated with the programming software security and how their actions towards information security in order termination or breakdown.

Confirming the Cloud with Secure Multi-Tenancy

Current technology vendors have increased their cloud offerings by enabling the company for transition to the cloud as smooth as possible. By utilizing secure multi-tenancy technology, IT infrastructure layer different (networks, computing and storage) can be integrated and managed with a flexible and secure.

The CIO can switch to the cloud with confidence that the IT infrastructure and protected corporate information securely and with high availability for adopting technology secure multi-tenancy, such as those offered by Cisco and NetApp.

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