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Big Difference Between SMS And Text: What You Need to Know #1

Are SMS and text messages the same?

The Difference Between SMS And Text. You may be puzzled by the term “SMS” if you are unfamiliar with marketing or text message lingo. What is SMS and how is it different from text messaging? Read on to find out what SMS and text messaging are and what is the difference between the two.

The Difference Between SMS and Text

So, what is the difference between a text and an SMS? Well, in short, nothing. ‘Texting’ is the slang word for SMS, or Short Message Service. A text message is the same as an SMS: a way of sending a message to and from a mobile device. Approximately 3.85 billion people in the world own smartphones, which are capable of sending and receiving SMS messages. 

SMS is commonly used to communicate with family and friends. Others may even use it to redeem coupons or confirm appointments from retailers they like. The mobile age, however, has led many people to prefer texting, such as Biz Text Marketing as a quick and effective method of communication in both personal and professional settings.

What Is SMS?

There are 160 characters in SMS texts. The recipient opens 98% of SMS messages. Only 16.9% of emails are opened, so SMS is an attractive marketing channel.

Short, personal messages are often sent as SMS messages. Businesses are increasingly using SMS to communicate important information, to launch marketing campaigns, and to mass text their customers. SMS provides businesses with a fast and easy way to communicate with customers. 

How Do Business Text Messages Look?

There are many types of business text messages – formal and informal, long and short, simple and complex. It should nevertheless be presented in a way that is relevant both to the sender and to the receiver. 

A business SMS text message is typically short, informative and persuasive, and is easy to read. Sending text messages to customers can contain information such as:

  • Promotions, sales, or discounts
  • Notification of delivery or an update on the status of an order
  • Messages reminding and confirming appointments 
  • Notifications related to accounts
big difference between sms and text
The Difference Between SMS And Text: What You Need to Know

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