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How Often Should You Service Your Trailer? Check These 5 Important Things

What maintenance needs to be done on a trailer? Read this article carefully.

5 Things to Check When You Service Your Trailer. Keeping up with your trailer maintenance is essential to the health of your trailer. It would be best if you kept an eye on several things, including wheel bearings, lubrication, tire pressure, and towing and hitching components.

How Often Should You Service Your Trailer?

Tire Pressure

Having the correct tire pressure when servicing a trailer is vital to maintaining its load-carrying capacity. A poorly inflated tire can lead to reduced ride quality and may even lead to failure.

The “official” recommended pressure for a trailer is listed in the owner’s manual. However, you should check with your shop personnel to get a better idea of the recommended pressure for your vehicle.

The recommended tire pressure for a trailer is usually based on the trailer’s total weight. However, most truckers settle between 85 psi and 105 psi.

You should also know that a tire pressure higher than recommended may not improve your ride. For example, if you are hauling a boat on your trailer, you should use a higher pressure. However, the correct tire pressure will improve your vehicle’s performance and help with proper heat dissipation.

Wheel Bearings

Keeping your trailer wheel bearings in good shape is essential to trailer safety. Failure of these components can result in serious accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect wheel bearings regularly and to get them serviced from a trailer service Pennsylvania if needed.

If you hear a whining noise when you drive your trailer, you might have a problem with your wheel bearings. It would be best to take your trailer to a professional technician to diagnose the problem.

When a trailer is used frequently, it will need maintenance more often than a trailer used less often. The type of trailer you own will also affect the frequency of maintenance. For example, a heavy-duty trailer will need more frequent maintenance.

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Wheel bearings need to be lubricated regularly. If they are dirty, you might hear whining or grinding noise. In addition, the noise may become louder at certain speeds.

Towing and Hitching Components

Proper hitching and towing components can help you stay safe while towing a trailer. However, you should check them regularly to ensure they are in good condition.

A tow hitch is a primary connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. The components include the ball, hitch plate, and safety chains. In addition, the brakes should be checked for wear.

If your hitch has been left on all winter, it is essential to get it removed. This will help to ensure there is no corrosion in the hitch receiver. Also, make sure there is no debris in the receiver. Using WD-40 can help to remove a stuck trailer hitch.

In addition to the hitch, the trailer must also have the proper lights. These lights are designed to work when you are towing. You should also ensure enough slack in the chains to allow you to turn sharply.

Washing and Cleaning

Keeping your trailer in tip-top shape is essential for several reasons. Not only will you be able to haul your stuff in style, but it will also help prevent problems down the road.

A good cleaning routine should be followed every few months. First, you should check how many miles your trailer has been on the road. Taking the time to do a routine check will help prevent any problems down the road.

An acidic bath can help keep your trailer looking as good as new. Be careful, though, as this is likely to damage your finish.

Taking the time to sweep your trailer out will help prevent dirt from building up and rusting. This is also an excellent time to inspect your tires and brakes. Loose lug nuts can be a safety hazard if you lose a wheel.


Proper lubrication when servicing a trailer can save you time and money. It also helps prevent excess wear and tear. However, many trailer owners need to learn the proper lubrication schedule for their trailers. Proper trailer lubrication can reduce the risk of overheating, brakes sticking, and other failures.

To ensure that your trailers are adequately lubricated, it’s essential to understand the differences between grease, oil, and other lubricants. It’s also important to know the proper application techniques.

The first step in lubricating your trailer is ensuring that all the lubrication fittings are clean. If they aren’t, it’s time to change them. Ask your dealer or service center for guidance if you need to learn how to do this.

Next, you’ll want to check the trailer’s oil level. It should be a minimum of 1/4 inch thick. If the oil is narrow enough, it can quickly wear off during wet conditions.

how often should you service your trailer?
How Often Should You Service Your Trailer?

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