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Market And Technological Trends, Competitive Analysis, Major Deals And Investments: Smart Grid Market Outlook

The assay provides an abundant annual of the developments in all-around acute filigree markets in 2009 and their association for the bazaar in 2010. The address covers developments accompanying to assorted aspects of the acute filigree and its accompanying technologies, such as avant-garde metering basement (AMI), appeal acknowledgment, and filigree communications, amid others.

The address provides trend assay and the angle on acute filigree markets, investments, revenues, and the aggressive landscape. The address explains all-around acute filigree industry dynamics, identifies the key all-around bazaar in 2009 and the apparent bazaar book in 2010.

The address assesses the fresh artifact barrage trends in the all-around acute filigree bazaar by segmenting it into key technologies such as AMI, administration, and filigree advice technology (IT).

It elaborates on the advanced trends in all-around acute filigree technologies, accouterment key costs activities such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, clandestine disinterestedness, and adventure basic amid others. An area of the address is committed to an assay of the aggressive book amid all-around vendors of acute filigree technologies.


  • The abstraction covers the above developments during the year 2009 and provides an angle for 2010
  • The assay covers all-around acute filigree markets in key geographies such as the US (United States), Canada, the European Union, Australia, Fresh Zealand, China, and South Korea amid others.
  • The bazaar segments covered in this assay include acute ability filigree technologies such as appeal response, avant-garde metering infrastructure, substation automation, administration, and filigree advice amid others.
  • The address analyzes the Advance flow, Fresh Products launch, acquirement of Nasdaq-listed United States ability utilities, and acquirement of vendors in all-around acute filigree industry for the year 2009.
  • The address provides an aggressive trend assay of the top ten all-around acute filigree vendors forth with their abrupt profiles. The vendors profiled accommodate Comverge, Inc., General Electric Company, Silver Spring Networks, Inc., Siemens AG, Echelon Corporation, Itron, Inc., GridPoint, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., eMeter Corporation, IBM Corporation. The assay additionally elaborates the angle for an aggressive book in 2010 for all-around acute filigree industry.
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