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Mobilizing Content Website, To Reach The advantage doubled


BuzzCity is a mobile-based media company, expand their business into the mobile internet business by launching a device that can convert RSS and Atom feeds on your domain without the need for making the program altogether. michael de souza

When applying your domain to Mobilizer (//www.buzzcity.com/f/mobilizer), the domain automatically has a mobile web application, without any need to pay a penny dollars, it’s totally FREE. By clicking a button, the blog that uses the platform blogger, Blogspot, and WordPress can be quickly mobilized.

“This is a new revenue stream for the business world and expand the reach of a site to the new target. Through Mobilizer besides various features such as RSS, Atom feeds, and mobile web. You also get the service code QR (Quick Response) to be placed on the front page of the website or promote it globally, “said Michael de Souza, vice president BuzzCity.

In addition to explaining the functions and features of BuzzCity Mobilizer, Michael also gives tips on why your domain web content should be mobilized to the public.

The first is to reach new users and offers content to a number of Internet users continues to grow through the application using existing technology in the mobile phone. BuzzCity besides offering Mobilizer, it turns out they also offer some tools to help you reach out to the public even further, by:

  1. MyGamma mobile site is a social networking platform that is in BuzzCity, where users can easily share content with friends or a follower of your website.
  2. By registering your site on myGamma Link Exchange in the form of a directory that facilitates cross-marketing each other for free.
  3. QR code if placed on your site, can be a highly effective media campaign that encourages Internet users to surf beyond.

The second objective is to generate revenue, because these media can be a good media campaign for your site. Mobilizer services also offer 65% revenue from existing services in mobile advertising your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your site into a mobile site from now on!

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