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MyTies: The Most Private Way to Share Photos, Videos, or Texts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of MyTies. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for an application that will allow you to share photos, videos, and texts privately? Well, as you certainly have known, sharing photos, videos, and texts is very easy nowadays because there are many applications that allow us to tag our friends. Unfortunately, most of those applications also enable people whom you do not tag to see the photos, view the videos, and read the texts. This condition is certainly less suitable for you who want to share the information only with families or a group of friends.

Actually, there is a perfect solution for the above problem. What you need to do is to go to MyTies.com and use their application. As it is being explained at the Website, MyTies is an application that enables people to share photos, videos, or texts privately. The ones who can see files that you share are people that you have tagged. Other people will not be able to search you on the application because the application has set your privacy level high.

Currently, the Website offers special promotions with the promo code “myprivacy”. If you use this promo code, you will be allowed to have 20 more invites. This opportunity surely enables you to connect with more friends, family, or colleagues. To find out further information about the application, you had better visit their Website.

It’s a great activity! You can tell this great news to your friends because MyTies is such fun! So, let’s share it.

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