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NetApp E-Series Solutions Ready to Face Big Data Spikes

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The total volume of data and information generated from big data, as well as high-performance applications, continues to increase sharply. The Company is required to store, manage, analyze, and protect their data. The company’s ability to manage can be a differentiating factor between winning the competition or falling behind. Therefore, the decision taken to determine the platform or enterprise storage solutions that are used as the foundation of the IT infrastructure becomes more important than ever.

In connection with these conditions, NetApp launched a series of new features in the NetApp E-Series platform to support OEM partners more effectively in serving its customers facing big data and a platform for a lot of NetApp solutions to deal with big data. The latest feature is also available in the latest version of NetApp SANtricity software, storage management software E-Series platform, including data protection capabilities, enhanced performance, and manageability. With this platform, OEMs can get a foundation that they built themselves on it for unique storage solutions that offer an innovative for its customers.

“The addition of the E-Series features built on a platform and an industry leader providing innovative technologies that address big Data challenges for customers. NetApp is committed to supporting the successes of our OEM partners. NetApp E-Series Platform is a high-performance storage building block that allows it, “said Joel Reich, vice president of the Array Products Group, NetApp.

Features Platform NetApp E-Series:

  • Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP), is the latest innovative technologies that provide data protection capabilities have been enhanced and improved overall performance. DDP manages dynamic reconstruction of a drive failure, providing the ability to recover the storage system to the optimal condition to follow up the failure of the drive eight times faster than traditional RAID architecture.
  • Data protection capabilities available with SANtricity NetApp Snapshot technology can be used by customers to schedule Snapshot copies as more frequent and flexible, helping to improve recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). RPO and RTO performance increase data availability and reduce the amount of time and cost from the company to allocate until recovering valuable information.
  • VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration is now available in E-Series platform. This feature provides tighter integration between storage arrays and VMware for customers to manage their storage environments. This integration offers increased flexibility in virtualized environments, the use of servers that are more efficient as well as increased performance and scalability.
  • Availability active-active LUN allows customers to standardize and simplify the system configuration for each controller LUN does not need to be manually operated. This feature can also automatically balance the load on each controller so that it can help customers optimize the performance.

“Recent updates on NetApp E-Series platforms reinforce what is already a successful and reliable storage platform for OEMs. By integrating technologies such as Dynamic Disk Pooling into the platform, NetApp provides a foundation for OEM partners so they can deliver innovative storage solutions for many customer segments while meeting the various needs and applications solutions, “said Ben Woo, Program Vice President of Worldwide Storage Systems, IDC.

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