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Review MOFT Z Work From Home Made Easy #1

Notebook PC stand that can be switched in 4 stages and can be used as a standing desk

cnwintech moft z review 2

There are many business people who have completely switched to working at home due to the new Corona influence. I was one of them, focusing on creating a comfortable working environment at home every day.

Meanwhile, the developer of the folding notebook PC stand MOFT Z sent me a product for review, so this time I would like to focus on its feature usability.

MOFT Z have High-quality Material & Durable Construction Stand

cnwintech moft z review 3

MOFT Z is a fold-able notebook PC stand with a size of 23.9 x 27.9 cm and 890 g weight. When folded, the thinness is 1.2 cm. At first, I was worried about its durability due to its thinness, but when I actually used it, the folding mechanism was solid, and it realized more stability than expected.

When folded, the internal magnets firmly fixed the plate, so no need to worry about slipping, and there was no instability even if the center of gravity was applied when typing on the laptop.

Since the material is PU leather and glass fiber, the surface texture is good, and despite using a simple stand, it already gives a clear picture if this tool uses a high-quality holder.

Standing mode is very helpful

cnwintech moft z review 4

MOFT Z can be switched to a total of 4 stages folding mode, 25 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and standing mode that allows working with your laptop while standing. I especially liked the standing mode.

It’s easy to put a strain on your lower back when you’re working in a chair at home, but using standing mode is very helpful because it can be a simple standing desk.

In the standing mode, the fan contact part on the back of the PC is cut out, and I am happy that there is a heat exhausting effect.

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Versatility that can be used in all situations

cnwintech moft z review 5

If you use these four steps of angle switching, you can make a good angle not only on the desk but also on the floor or put on knees, making work with a laptop more comfortable than ever. Personally, I was happy to be able to raise the height of the display, especially when working on the sofa.

cnwintech moft z review 6

Since it has a stopper at hand, it can be used to hold a tablet like an iPad, and this versatility is one of the MOFT Z capability. When folded, it returns to a slim shape like a notebook, so it’s unlikely to be bulky in your work bag.

Initially, this was a laptop stand that seemed very useful for long-distance work while traveling, but it was safe to use even when you had to stay at home while working from home like now. I can do it by using this laptop stand.

If you want to improve your work-at-home environment even further, it might be worth considering. Buy it now on the CnwinTech shop or check out the link below.


Design - 9.5
Ease - 8.7
Mobility - 9
Weight - 8.5
Price - 8
Features - 8


Very Good

MOFT Z is a truly lightweight and versatile sit-stand desk at an affordable price. It's designed to offer THE HEAVEY LAPTOP USER a maximum comfort with maximum freedom on location.Shop Now

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)

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