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Secret Google Search Technique (Part 3)


Google search the 3rd edition discusses the Advanced Operators or Query that have a special meaning for more than just basic google operators OR, AND, punctuation, and the like.

One moment you just want to know where your website in mention, or any website that contains your domain address, then you can use this query [link: www.cnwintech.com], this query will display all websites that contain www.cnwintech. com.


Search by using the cache operator will assist you to obtain information on caches that have been done by Google on your website mean plus highlights of the keywords you input, as well as a text-only version that can help if you have problems with internet speeds. for example, as follows: [cache: www.cnwintech.com video] This query will display the google cache of the domain www.cnwintech.com by highlighting the word video.


Site is a very important service for everyone, with this operator you can explore a domain address of the website with the keywords you mean. It is very easy, enter your query into the site operator as follows [technology site: cnwintech.com], this query is translated into the language if we are looking for pages that contain the words the motherboard on the website cnwintech.com.


For those of you who like to download comics, novels in pdf format, zip and others, the following operators may be very helpful, The trick is as follows: for example, I want to find Sherlock Holmes novels in pdf format so I can use this query [Sherlock Holmes filetype: pdf].


Use define to search for a definition, for example, is as follows [define: motherboard] this query means that you are looking for a definition of the word motherboard, usually the first link that appears is a version of Wikipedia which is becoming a standard reference.


If you want to search for based on the title, you can use this service. How to use are as follows [allintitle: google search techniques], then only pages that have titles that are relevant to that keyword will be displayed by Google.

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Slightly different Allintitle, Intitle will search for keywords within the content pages back, suppose you use this query [intitle: google search], the search will provide information about the pages whose titles contain the word google and search content that contains either the title or the content. allinurl This fact explains the importance you have a clean URL in your website, the advantage is your page allows search based on your URL address. The following example explains this [allinurl: google search techniques], by querying the google will find web pages that have similar URLs with keywords.


Similar to the workings Intitle, but Inurl search by URL and relevance of content based on keywords, for example, the following query [inurl: google search], then google will conduct searches based on URL which according to google the keywords and title + content include keyword search.

Okay, that’s all, advance operator service helps you find more specific search results, good luck.

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