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Shopping Careful, Smart, and Safe in Online Store

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Welcoming the end of year holidays, Trend Micro, saw many consumers in Asia began to prepare for their long holiday with a variety of activities on internet; start from existing announce holiday schedules and holiday location via social media (Facebook and twitter), to determine what items are they wish to buy.

It is estimated that this year the trend of online shopping will become a big market after last year bringing turnover of more than $156.9 billion in 2010, would not be surprised if a large amount of money is become a means of hackers to take advantage of the novice shoppers. In the third quarter 2011, over 8.3 million sites are used as a venue for online shopping. And, 26% are shoppers who use smartphones to take advantage of mobile shopping service.

Because seeing a rapid growth in online shopping, and more skilfully hackers in guerrilla in this realm, here is a TIPS for you, the shoppers, who enjoy shopping online to be careful to enjoy online shopping:

  1. Bookmarking official shopping site as information is important when trying to find stuff on the site. This minimizes the possibility of you fooled by a malicious site when looking through search engines. You can record the address of the official website of their advertising in the media or other reliable information.
  2. Be careful with the shipment of goods and offer huge discounts via email. The average spam email like this bring a false link and attachment that it can be will infect your computer.
  3. Please check and verify if you are sent back an unreasonable bid notification via SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter, before clicking a link campaign. You can call customer service shopping site to ensure the offer or promotion is underway.
  4. Check back again to the payment page, if payment through a third-party (eBay or PayPal) make sure you are at the correct address, do not let your credit card data is stolen and misused. It is better to choose a shopping site that uses a system of inter-bank transfers or direct payments (cash on delivery) with a debit or credit card.
  5. If you are shopping enthusiast, there is no harm in installing security software that can block the action of hackers and ensure you get into a secure shopping site.

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