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New Solar Power System, Affordable and Effective as Backup

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Consumers are more interested in having a sustainable supply of energy in case of an emergency, which means that people are looking at solar power as a backup in case of service disruptions. What makes it unique is the fact that a majority of people has a relatively limitless supply of sunlight if the weather cooperates. Users will be able to have a supply of current available if they keep a few pointers in mind when working with a new solar installation.

Keep the Kitchen Going

One of the biggest reasons that people bought a generator in the past was that they were afraid that their food stocks would go bad in a power outage. Several hours without power is often enough to cause an entire refrigerator’s worth of food to spoil.

Solar generators are now affordable and effective due to advances in the efficiency rating of solar cells, and panels can be mounted just about anywhere in a pinch. Those who are worried about grid disruptions should check the output of their PV in order to make sure that it’s large enough for their refrigerator’s current draw.

cnwintech solar system technology 2

Think About Current Draw

North American houses are generally wired for 120 volts of alternating current. PV units might report their strength in a different voltage metric, and this means care should be taken when selecting a unit. Retailers will usually help consumers select an appropriate PV system, and companies like GeoSolution generally provide detailed statistics on electrical potential. Most users prefer to avoid drawing too much energy off a single unit because of weather fluctuations.

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