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Tips to Avoid Human Error in Data Centre With Emerson

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Emerson Network Power offers tips in avoiding human errors in the data center to reduce risk and prevent unwanted events in your data.

“Datacenter is like a living thing that is always growing and developing with a variety of parts. No doubt the human error factor in the data center work processes result in large termination, and this can be avoided by following some simple steps, “said Ahmad Moshiro, Director of Technical Support for Emerson Power Network Power, Liebert Services in an Emerson Network opportunities Power Learning Center.

Here are some simple steps that can be done to avoid data centers of the human error factor:

1. Signaled to the emergency off button

In data centers, the emergency off button is usually located near the door. This key is often not marked and in emergencies can accidentally depress, and resulted in the death of resources across the data center.

This accident could have been avoided with a label and give protector on the emergency button off so that people do not haphazardly suppress.

2. Methods of documenting procedures

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This is the answer to an unexpected error due to human factors. Documenting procedures and task-oriented steps is to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with performing maintenance.

Do not limit the procedure only on one vendor and make sure there is a backup plan in case of any untoward incidents.

3. The correct labeling

If the protective devices such as circuit breakers are not labeled properly, this could have a direct impact on the activities of loading the data center.

To operate the power system properly and safely, all buttons should be labeled appropriately, including one-line diagrams to ensure passage of the order of operations correctly. There should be procedures to ensure the labeling of the device has been done correctly.

4. Operating system consistently

Often data center managers are too comfortable in the operating system, so sometimes they do not follow procedures, missed several steps, or performing procedures based on memory alone. It could be one when they accidentally kill the wrong equipment.

It is important to ensure that all operational procedures up to date and follow the instructions on the operation of the system.

5. Training of employees without stopping

Ensure all individuals who have access to the data center, including IT personnel, emergency personnel, security, and data center employees, have a basic knowledge of the existing equipment so that they do not accidentally turn off the equipment.

6. Secure access policies

Companies that do not have secure access policies to data centers vulnerable to security breaches.

Having a security policy which requires that every guest was accompanied by enabling data center managers to know who the incoming and outgoing data center every time.

7. Enforcement policy food/beverage

Liquids have a high risk to cause shorting for important computer components.

The best way to communicate the policy of food/drink is to put these policies in the entrance and emphasize the importance of enforcement of that policy.

8. Avoid contaminants

Not maintain the quality of indoor air cleanliness can cause unwanted dust particles to get into the servers and other IT infrastructure.

Moving equipment in data centers increases the possibility of fibers from packing boxes that slip in rack servers and other IT infrastructure.

This problem can be overcome by ensuring all personnel entering the data center wearing boots anti-static, or by putting a mat at the door outside the data center. This includes the packing and dismantling of equipment outside the data center.

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