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Tips to Protect Hard Disk Crash

As the storage capacity of the hard disk has increased, the number of crashes also increased accordingly. HDD is the largest data storage device in a PC. Companies are now also coming with hard drives with huge data storage capacity. And if the hard drive crashes you lose your important data. But you can protect hard disk crash. In this article we have discussed about common reasons for HDD crashes and how to protect the hard drive from crashes.

Following are some of the reasons for which hard drive crashes:

1. Viruses are one major cause of hard drive crash.
2. Hard drives comprise mechanical moving parts inside them. So, with time it might have physical problems and can have vibration, or unusual sounds. If it is not taken cares of seriously, the hard drive may crash.
3. Apart from physical or mechanical problem, a hard drive can have problem with its file system.
4. Sometimes, the software or the operating system installed in the computer may cause problem and might be the reason of hard drive crash.

It is common to see that the hard drive manufacturers claim Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of millions of hours. This means it should work for not less than hundred years. But most of the computer users certainly have different experience. In many cases it is seen that the hard drive has failed after just a couple of days of its purchase.

Use a good quality uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to protect your hard drive. The power spikes tend to burn the electronic component of hard drive. The UPS will protect your hard drive from any damage.

Before switching off the power supply of the computer, it is recommended to close all the programs that are running on your operating system.

There must be sufficient memory space free in the operating system drive. If it is low, the system will use the virtual memory from the hard disk which often reduces the life of the PC’s hard drive and leads to its wear and tear.

Hard Drive Recovery is a very popular term in recent days. There are many technical support service providers that offer services to the computer users to recover data from a failed hard drive. The charges of data recovery differ from one service provider to other. To protect your hard drive from crashes it must be handled with care as it is a mechanical device. Dropping it from a height or dropping any object over it will damage it.

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