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3 Types of Tamper-evident Technology, Protect Your Product and Business

Makes unauthorized access to the protected object easily detected.

Multi-layered security is important in many aspects of life. Not only do people need to do their best to keep intrusions from happening, but they also need to find ways to tell whether their defenses have been breached. Here are three types of tamper-evident technology.

1. Product Packaging

Product packaging, such as tamper-evident caps on bottles and security tape, is likely the most obvious type of tamper-evident technology. The purpose of tamper-evident packaging is to ensure consumers can tell whether products they want to purchase or already have were altered in any way between packaging and purchase. Tamper-proof packaging is particularly important for food and medication, which can be dangerous to consumers if adulterated.

2. Electronic Signatures

Digital security increasingly incorporates tamper-evident technology, primarily in the form of electronic signatures. While these protection layers don’t necessarily work to contain security breaches or to stop them, they do utilize cryptography and encryption algorithms to prove to the end-user whether his or her documents were altered by an unapproved party. If tampering occurred, the e-signature is shown to be invalid.

3. Mail Protection

One of the oldest forms of tamper-evident technology is the wax seal. Seals were applied to the flaps of envelopes, so the recipient could tell whether the envelope had been opened en route by checking whether the seal was broken. Mail protection technology has continuously improved. In the modern-day, practices such as watermarking, letter locking, initialing and numbering are all utilized to make contracts, paper checks and envelopes tamper-evident. For other types of mail, such as packages, that require labels, prismatic and holographic labels are used, due to the difficulty of duplicating these labels.

Tamper-evident technology is a set of tools people can use to check whether their digital and physical possessions and purchases have been tampered with in any way. This keeps people safe when they consume or use certain products.

types of tamper-evident technology
CnwinTech: Types of Tamper-evident Technology

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