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What Are Enterprise Mobility Solutions? The Comprehensive Definition with 5 Main Functions

These are the benefits of enterprise mobility and the security issues that may arise

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are a great way to manage employees’ mobile devices and apps while reducing costs and improving productivity. Here are some of the top benefits of using enterprise mobility solutions. Let’s discuss each one briefly. First, let’s start with cost control. Then we’ll move on to productivity. After that, we’ll look at cost management, too. And finally, we’ll talk about productivity. But before we get into these three benefits, let’s discuss the security issues that may arise.

Mobile device management

Enterprise mobility solutions are a complete mobile device management solution, including data security, app customization, and policy compliance. It can also integrate with network directory services. Both MDM and EMM are multiplying in popularity as organizations recognize the need to safeguard their networks and secure data. Both solutions allow you to manage mobile devices while integrating them into your business processes. First, this article looks at the differences between MDM and EMM. Then, we’ll look at each in turn.

Mobile device management solutions typically contain a server component that sends management commands to devices and a client component that runs on the managed device. Some vendors offer both the server and the client. Management of mobile devices has evolved over the years. Previously, it was necessary to install a SIM card and connect it to a handset to access management tools. This method was inefficient and limited scalability. Now, mobile device management solutions come with client-initiated updates, similar to those you might install on a computer.

App management

One of the significant advantages of enterprise mobility management (EMM) is its flexibility. Companies can deploy customized mobile management solutions that are highly flexible and scalable. Take Brookstone, for example. Brookstone is a chain of retail stores in the U.S. and China. It offers a wide variety of goods for consumers. Its mission is to provide the best possible shopping experience for every customer. With over 200 stores in the U.S. and China, Brookstone’s IT department needed a centralized solution to manage all its mobile devices.

Mobile app management (MAM) is a vital component of an EMM solution. This tool enables IT to control which apps employees can use and which cannot. The solution helps IT segregate business apps from personal ones and implement security policies to protect corporate information. It also allows IT to remove apps if a security issue arises selectively. Using MAM, IT can protect corporate data without resorting to eradicative measures.

Cost control

Increasing employee mobility and tracking customer data are just two of the benefits these enterprise mobility solutions can bring. These solutions also reduce various development, maintenance, and security costs. In addition, companies can control costs by developing one single solution and integrating it into their business processes. Employee satisfaction and productivity are other benefits gained by deploying enterprise mobility solutions. Furthermore, employees are happier and more productive, which is crucial for building a solid company culture.

These solutions can enhance connectivity across departments, strengthening the concept of enterprise social networking. It will also reduce the possibility of human error and help employees make better decisions based on data. Enterprise mobility solutions can also enhance customer retention, improve response times, and capture consumer experiences at the point of service. By minimizing errors and reducing manual work, mobility will enhance consumer satisfaction and generate more revenue for your business. However, it is essential to consider the costs of enterprise mobility solutions before investing in this technology.


While traditional office systems have been a significant hindrance to the modern business environment, the flexibility of enterprise mobility solutions offers several benefits. These solutions can help businesses track information and manage it in real-time, reducing various costs and boosting employee efficiency. Read on to learn more about enterprise mobility and its advantages. Listed below are some of these benefits.

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Many business leaders have realized that allowing employees to work from anywhere through mobile devices has many benefits for both employees and the company. A recent survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan found that mobile phone usage increased productivity by 34% in U.S. organizations. According to this same survey, mobile workers spent 58 minutes more per day. These improvements in employee productivity have the potential to boost your business to greater heights.


Using an enterprise mobility management solution (EMM) can increase the security of data and applications on mobile devices. EMM solutions contain tools and features that help IT teams monitor, control, and manage mobile devices. They typically include mobile device management, application management, and content and identity management. With these tools, IT departments can ensure that employees use company-approved devices. Keeping mobile devices updated is critical to enterprise mobility security. Read on to learn more.

Increasingly, enterprises are using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices. BYOD devices come with ample storage capacities, such as 64GB. Depending on how much data is stored on these devices, a single stolen or lost device can cost a company upwards of $250. Therefore, companies must implement strict IT policies and educate employees on the proper use of data and apps. However, this approach can also decrease employees’ productivity because it restricts access to critical corporate data. Identity authentication is one way to address this problem.

what are enterprise mobility solutions?
What Are Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

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