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Wilson Sleek Signal Booster

The latest product in the Wilson cell phone signal booster line is the new Sleek. The Sleek is a universal cradle with a built-in antenna connected to a signal booster. With the ease of use and performance increase, the Sleek is bound to be a winner. For years the biggest complaint of cell phone users has been dead spots. Even the best service providers have areas where the signal is too weak to allow the phone to work.

My office, in the middle of the community, has an area that is a dead spot. While traveling up the local canyons or on the local lakes I often find my phone has no signal. Because of these issues finding a way to easily fix this problem has been a high priority.

While signal boosters have been around for years, the early models were bulky and difficult if not impossible to move from vehicle to vehicle. Only in the last couple of years have cell phone signal boosters become compact enough that they can be moved around with minimal effort.

This month Wilson is introducing the newest universal signal booster in their lineup of products. The Sleek takes performance and convenience to a new level. As per the information from Wilson – “The Wilson plug-and-play Sleek™ helps users reduce dropped calls, increase data rates in weak signal areas and originate calls from those dreaded “dead spots”. The Sleek™ and its external vehicular antenna increase any phone’s output power to the cell site while improving its ability to hear signals it normally cannot keeping the user more reliably connected.

Designed for simple set up, the Sleek™ can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. Built into the Sleek™ cradle is a Wilson tried and tested bi-directional signal amplifier and battery charging port. The cradle is ideal for hands-free operation in conjunction with a user’s headset or Bluetooth device.

While the Sleek will do little to help out in my office, it is great for the trips up the Canyon or out of town into sparsely populated areas. The kit includes everything necessary to hit the ground running such as the cradle, mag mount external antenna, and 12-volt power adapter. Setup of the Sleek takes all of 5 minutes. The hardest part is trying to decide where to run the antenna cable so it is out of the way. Moving the entire setup from one car to the other was a snap.

Keep in mind that because the phone must remain in the cradle to get the signal boost, a headset or speakerphone of some kind is a must. With Bluetooth becoming a standard feature of most phones and hands-free laws being enacted in many states this should not be a problem. So what about performance?

The Sleek provides a 20db gain on both the 800 and 1900 MHz bands. The maximum power output is 2 watts but that depends on how much is needed. Wilson builds protection into their amplifiers so the boost does not overpower the tower signal and cause interference. While this performance gain is not as high as some of the larger booster kits, it will likely be sufficient for most. The sleek is expected to retail for less than $200 which makes this a great cell phone accessory adds on.

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