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Get the Television Stations and Outputs That You Want

The federal government passed a law that required every television station in the country change the way it operated. With a simple antenna, sometimes called a pair of rabbit ears, you could watch local stations on almost any television. After this law occurred, you needed a digital antenna or pay for cable from a provider to watch those stations. With couplers, dividers and other components, you can now watch your favorite stations again.

Connect Two or More Rooms

Do you have cable television only in your living room? This lets you watch movies and shows with your partner and kids, but you might find that you sometimes want to watch television in bed. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or maybe you aren’t feeling good and want to curl up with a good show. Dividers are small metal devices that let you run your cable into one end and connect additional cables to get a signal in each room. Though some providers will give you one of these dividers, you’ll often find that you can get a better signal when you upgrade your device.

Shop for Components Online

Why waste time running around town and visiting dozens of electronics stores without finding exactly what you want? Online shops stock all the couplers, dividers and other components that you need at prices well below what offline stores would charge. Click here to find a great selection of dividers and more.



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