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The Advanced High Temperature Gun Coating

Give Your Gun the Protection it Needs

When you use a powerful weapon in the form of a gun, maintenance is key for optimal performance. This especially holds true for high precision specialty weapons. Gun coating is a must to provide you with the protection that is critical for projectile systems that deal with high velocity. Get information now on how Vergason Technology Incorporated can lead you in the right direction for the most advanced high temperature gun coating.

Because You Need Coating that is Tough Enough

When you opt for Black Cat firearm coating, you will have a corrosion shield that you can count on. It is a non-reflective coating that is rich-black and able to stand up to high thermal levels. As a permanently-bonded form of gun coating that creates a thin, protective film, it will ward off the damaging effects of industrial solvents, acids, cleaners, and oils.

Enjoy the Benefits of Advanced Technology

Thanks to Vergason Technology Incorporated, you can enjoy the benefits of a gun coating that is more effective than ceramic, Teflon, or powder gun coating. Black Cat firearm coating can maintain a thermal stability of 1700 degrees. It’s ITAR registered and exceeds the salt spray test that comes in at 5%. Keep your top notch firearms lubricated and protect them from wear resistance. You need your weapons to be in prime condition, ready for use. Black Cat firearm coating from Vergason is a wise choice when it comes to taking care of your weapons.



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