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MSI X79A-GD65-8D Bigbang Preview

MSI release motherboard products to meet the needs of enthusiasts with one of their impressive board, the MSI X79A-GD65-8D or can also be referred MSI Big Bang that find a balance of attractive features and performance.

Connectivity on the rear panel there is a PS / 2, 6x USB 2.0, Audio Optical, Coaxial and 3.5 mm (X-Fi 2 MB Lossless), Firewire, Intel Dual GB LAN and 4x USB 3.0. A clear CMOS button is also present here and the USB port has an anti-chip protection against ESD for errors such as short circuits. MSI Big Bang at the right corner there is a USB 3.0 front panel header, debug LED and ten SATA ports with six SATA 6Gb / s (2 x Intel, 4 x 1061) and four SATA 3Gb / s.

While there is a button OC Genie at top for automatic overclock based our components. In addition MSI Big Bang also have Multi-BIOS button that allows you to boot up, switch to BIOS1 and flash.

Unique heatsink design like Gatling Guns in some FPS games. Military Class III heatsink design also make this motherboard looks good.

While the design of the heatsink on the BIOS shaped like a bullet Magazine.

MSI also contributed bring the Quick Guide, Overclocking Guide, Certification of Quality & Stability, Quick Installation, Application Software on this MSI X79A-GD65-8D package.

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