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Cheap #1 MOFT Z Portable Laptop Stand Easy Adjustment


Buy Cheap MOFT Z Sit-Stand Desk

MOFT Z is a truly lightweight and versatile sit-stand desk at an affordable price. It’s designed to offer THE HEAVEY LAPTOP USER a maximum comfort with maximum freedom on location. Check out our full review here.

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MOFT Z provides one mode for standing and three-mode for sitting. It helps you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in the easiest way, keeping you active and productive all day.

The ultra-versatile yet like a paper-thin desk body makes it friendly to any working environment, not only to be used in the office but also at home or co-workspace.

MOFT Z is a fast-blade to open and close. It quickly switches your sit and stand posture and takes the stress off your back in seconds, letting you get a joyful and relaxing posture.


Product: computer stand
Material: carbon fiber
Weight: 737g
Color: black, orange black, blue-black

Package Included:

1 * computer stand

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Model Number

carbon fiber


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