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Gmail Tap, How to Write an Fast Email ala Google?

Typing with the QWERTY system has been created since 1874, and now Google a new way to quickly typing email through Gmail Tap. the typing system on Gmail Tap taking a simple pattern of a combination of dots and dashes to represent alphabet letter such as Morse code, so users will accelerate the process of making emails.

Users facilitated by the features of Gmail Tap that will appear when performing the email creation. Users only need to press the point or visible lines on the phone screen, and combine them according to the following table:

Tap Gmail also provides multi-email creation at once with screen divided into 2, so that users can perform quickly. Gmail Tap phones comes to Android and Apple’s smart phone.

But whoa, when CnwinTech checks to download related file, CnwinTech was fooled, it seems this is April Mop the style of Google, so it should not take it seriously, even with the video shown on Gmail Tap page. But who knows this is an hidden innovation from Google that will be a new way to write fast, or just a joke right?



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