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An Overview of Threats Against Companies in This Year 2014

The number of companies who become victims of cyber attacks are rising on this year. Kaspersky Lab Research and B2B…
Hacking & Cracking

CyberSecurity for the Next Generation in 2014 Held Again

Bring together young researchers, a leading IT security experts and professors from universities around the world in a collaborative environment,…
Computer Forensics

How to Secure Online Transactions? Tips to Securing and Vulnerabilities

Can not be denied, the number of users online transactions each year continues to increase. Harris Interactive survey conducted in…
Hacking & Cracking

Duqu Trojan Use an Unknown Programming Language

Some time later, Duqu Trojan increasingly popular as a dangerous malware targeting intelligence. Duqu was first discovered in September 2011.…
Mobile Computing

Independent research choosing Kaspersky Mobile Security As One Of The Best Program

Many selection programs for Android can outwit the protection of consumers. However, recent testing shows that the solution from Kaspersky…

Banker Trojan targeting Online Banking Customer Data

Be careful and always be vigilant when using Online Banking service. Because according to the Kaspersky Security Network in last…