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Posting the Money to Get Out of Jail

Just like applying for a bank loan, you might think you need good credit to get financed for a bail or bond. It is true that some bail bondsman require people to have a high enough credit score to secure the amount that you borrow. However, others understand that clients cannot maintain a high enough credit score yet still deserve …

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How to Secure Online Transactions? Tips to Securing and Vulnerabilities

Can not be denied, the number of users online transactions each year continues to increase. Harris Interactive survey conducted in February-March 2012 said there were 57 percent of Internet users who manage bank accounts online and make online shopping. Of these, about 31 percent admitted they store data banking on the hard drive. Therefore not surprising that banking information is …

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Banker Trojan targeting Online Banking Customer Data

Be careful and always be vigilant when using Online Banking service. Because according to the Kaspersky Security Network in last 3 months, banker Trojans detected in about 2,000 computers per day targeting customer data. Kaspersky Security Network Data says that there are 780 marks a new malicious programs, which targeting sensitive financial information, get into Kaspersky Lab database. This is …

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