January 25, 2015 8:31:26 PM
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8 Names to Know in Technology


In today’s busy, plugged-in world, it can be difficult to keep up with the “who’s who” of the tech business. Here are just eight names to familiarize yourself with in order to speak intelligently at your next business conference. 1. Jeff Bezos Though most famous as the founder of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos has also made a number of purchases, investments and acquisitions that make him a man to watch in the business world. For example, he also owns the Washington Post and has made allusions to big plans for the future of the publication. You won’t want to miss anything ... Read More »

3 Things to Know About Cleanrooms


If you’re in a manufacturing or scientific career, you’ve probably heard the term “cleanroom” before. What does it mean, though? How can you explain a cleanroom to your employees? Read on for a few basics about cleanrooms. What is a cleanroom? A cleanroom is an area where the environment and airborne particles are controlled. Contaminants that are created by equipment, processes, facilities, and even people are constantly being removed from the air in a cleanroom. Usually, products are manufactured in this type of space. Which industries utilize cleanrooms? Cleanrooms can be found in variety of industries, including aerospace, biotech, life ... Read More »

New Solar Power System, Affordable and Effective as Backup


Consumers are more interested in having a sustainable supply of energy in case of an emergency, which means that people are looking at solar power as a backup in case of service disruptions. What makes it unique is the fact that a majority of people has a relatively limitless supply of sunlight if the weather cooperates. Users will be able to have a supply of current available if they keep a few pointers in mind when working with a new solar installation. Keep the Kitchen Going One of the biggest reasons that people bought a generator in the past was ... Read More »

Grub: Custom Boot Menus, How to Change Default Boot Menu As You Wish


Bootloaders, such as Grub, are software packages that we give little thought to until things go wrong. You turn on your computer, the boot menu (possibly) appears and then your operating system loads. However, there is plenty you can do with the boot menu to tune the way your computer boots and the options available to you. There are two major versions of Grub still in use. The current version is Grub 2 while the original is often referred to as Grub Legacy, because it never reached the version 1.0 milestone; the latest you will find is 0.97. Grub Legacy ... Read More »

Treat Your Team to Promotional Pictures and More


Sponsoring a Little League team or a corporate softball team is a great and affordable way to support the local community and get the name of your company out there. Every time that their friends and family come to a game, they’ll see your name on the uniforms and signage. You may even find that you pick up customers from rival teams too. Tradition says that team sponsors should give the players something special at the end of the season to thank them for joining. You can find a wide range of affordable products to treat those players this year. ... Read More »

Taking Criminal Forensic Science into the 21st Century

Cd details on a magnifying glass

Forensics has been the forefront of capturing criminals for centuries. However, technology has continued to advance over the years providing more viable methods of proving or disproving evidence. Thanks to the micro developments of the 21st century, forensic science can be improved even further. Using devices such as the electronic microscope can allow professionals to detect some of the smallest anomalies within virtually any material. The Proper Lighting Unlike microscopes of the past, electronic counterparts utilize a backlight and a top LED light that often encircles the camera lense. This allows proper lighting to help in analysis regardless of the ... Read More »

Add-ons for Industrial Blenders and Processors


Purchasing the right tools for any job will make things run faster, more efficiently and will drastically cut down on the number of break downs you experience over time. This saves money in sheer costs for parts and labor, but also by way of keeping your operations running strong. You can learn more about the options available for industrial equipment by visiting manufacturers, like AimBlending.com. Machine Finish Industrial blenders may not always be used in the creation of food products, but it’s still very important that whatever you are making isn’t contaminated. Seamless seals and high-grade finishes ensure your final ... Read More »

Record Calls Using Your Mac, How to Record a Call on Your Mac

cnwintech_recor d a call on your Mac_9

Recording all kinds of phone calls on your Mac is easier than you think! Not so long ago, recording a phone call meant awkwardly positioning a dictation machine near a handset and hoping for the best. More recently, voice-over-IP applications like Skype have brought voice and video communication to the desktop. In the latest versions of Mac OS X and iOS, not only can you perform FaceTime Audio as well as video calls between your devices, but now regular cellular calls can be received on Wi-Fi-only devices such as Macs and Wi-Fi iPads, too. This is incredibly useful – so ... Read More »

Make Your Mac Go Faster by Improving Performance


There are lots of things you can do to improve the performance of your Mac. Here are the ones that will have the biggest impact. More RAM The more RAM you have, the better. One reason that Macs can run slowly is because apps and processes consume lots of RAM, leaving little for the others. But RAM is expensive, and adding it after you’ve bought a Mac is becoming difficult. The next best option? Minimize how much you use. Don’t keep lots of apps running if you’re not using them, and close Safari tabs. Use Activity Monitor to identify apps ... Read More »

How Wi-Fi Is Crippling the Ethernet Standard


Ethernet, the wired networking technology that originated at Xerox PARC more than 40 years ago, has always been remarkably solid. Much as Wi-Fi has ruled wireless networking since its inception in 1997, Ethernet has always stayed the course, adopting and refining new technologies as required, but never diverging from the path. After all, that is Ethernet’s strength: Without standardization, the world (or at least the world’s networks) would fall apart. Unfortunately, it now seems that those four decades of calm, gradual, standardized updates to Ethernet might finally be coming to a close. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ... Read More »