April 17, 2014 11:12:34 PM
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Phlebotomy Training And Certification

Every hospital, clinic and doctor’s office needs to conduct blood tests on a regular basis. Certified phlebotomists are in high demand in today’s era of superb medical care. These specialists are trained to properly collect and analyze blood samples from patients. The most experienced phlebotomists can successfully insert a needle into a patient’s veins or arteries with a single try. ... Read More »

Linux Tips: Playing with Time (Part 1)


Linux provides many facilities related to time management. This article does not discuss all of these facilities, but only discuss three of the most common activities performed by the Linux users. These three activities include, display and set the time, looking for the data at regular intervals, and make notification (how to create a notification will be discussed later). 1. ... Read More »

Consumer 2.0 – The Lifestyle of Carrying Branded Devices


Computing technology are currently undergoing evolution. Competition were no longer about the speed. Consumers also have a new benchmark and very different. They transformed into a new consumers generation that I described as Consumer 2.0. What are the characteristic of the consumer 2.0? The main characteristic of Consumers 2.0 are their computing devices that more personal. The concept of sharing ... Read More »

An Overview of Threats Against Companies in This Year 2014


The number of companies who become victims of cyber attacks are rising on this year. Kaspersky Lab Research and B2B International shows 91% of companies surveyed have been victims of cyber attacks at least once within past 12 months, while 9% Others were targeted attacks, ie planned attacks that aims to infect network infrastructure company or organization. Breadth of digital ... Read More »

CyberSecurity for the Next Generation in 2014 Held Again


Bring together young researchers, a leading IT security experts and professors from universities around the world in a collaborative environment, fun and creative to discuss the hottest issues on the cyber security held back. Kaspersky Lab has just announced the resumption of the annual competition for students, “CyberSecurity for the Next Generation” for the new academic year. In 2014, the ... Read More »

The Most Searched Terms in 2013

Top Search Term 2013

According to Google’s report into the UK’s top-searched for terms in 2013, we were all obsessed with finding out all about Zumba, yolo and twerking this year. As well as compiling data from the trending terms – those that have the biggest difference between this year and last – Google also reveals the top 10 queries, so those which begin ... Read More »