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Satellite Transportable Terminals & The Importance of Using For All Network Communication Needs

One of the most important ways that seafaring personnel keep in touch with land is through satellite communications. All boats and other vessels that head out to see are equipped with a marine terminal. This terminal links up with extraterrestrial receivers and routers; these satellites are in orbit, and they’re constantly sending and receiving data and communications packets.

Communication isn’t just critical to coordinating your activities, but is also a means for offering help to vessels that might need assistance. With integrated satcom electronics are suited for a wide range of military, government, institutional, business and other applications. One example called VSAT Satellite, because they are so small, they are also referred to as a satellite transportable terminal. VSAT stands for very small aperture terminal. Basically, a VSAT satellite is a satellite ground station that is two-way. Alternatively, it can be a stabilized maritime antenna that also has a dish antenna. However, it has to be smaller than three meters in order to be considered VSAT. Most of them are very small indeed, ranging from around seventy five centimeters to 1.2 meters. Generally, a new VSAT satellite will now be equipped with KA band technology. This technology means that higher bandwidths can be achieved for a much reduced price. This is known as FSS satellite systems. The ones that are in orbit at the moment have tremendous capacities and allow subscribers to use a range of applications such as television, fax, telephone, data communication, internet access, digital audio broadcasting, satellite news gathering and so on.

Specialize in explorer mobile earth station antennas, transportable terminals and satellite transportable terminals that are suited for military and government applications. Globecomm’s Explorer mobile & satellite transportable terminals are fully capable and easy to use for a wide range of applications for government agencies and other worldwide corporations and enterprises. Whatever the configuration, they provide cost-effective, two-way communications in locations where traditional telecommunications infrastructure is inadequate or nonexistent. Explorer earth station antennas are available in sizes ranging from sub-meter up to 3 meters. Depending on your satcom requirements, they can be configured as manpacks, flyaways (either auto-aligning or manual) or as trailer or vehicle-mounted satellite transportable terminals.

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