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Lixil Statis, Smart Toilet Made in Japan Can Controlled by Smartphone

Bathroom in Japan will be a little more interactive, thanks to the toilet which can be controlled with a smartphone called The Satis. Produced by a company based in Tokyo, Lixil, Bluetooth-equipped toilets can be controlled with an Android app called “My Statis”, which allows users for watering, raising toilet seat and activate bidet jet stream (that you normally use for wiping) by touching one button.

This application also allows you streaming music through its speakers and toilet will automatically monitor the “usage history”, gives a better images of how much electricity and water you use each visit.

My Static can also offer health benefits because the calendar feature which allows users to take notes daily habits. Perhaps the best feature of all is the fact that this toilet can identify you via Bluetooth when you get close, and will adjust the water pressure and adjust other settings.

Japan already has a good reputation in terms of smart toilet innovation, the Toto Washlet as the most prominent example. Toto Washlet can perform much the same function like Satis, offering heated seats that can adjustable, spray fragrances, and the jet stream can be adjusted, but what distinguish it from statis are integration with smartphones.

Lixil Satis will be available in three models in February 2013 with price range of 199,500 yen to 389,550 yen.

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