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AOC e2352Phz Performance Review, More Efficient

As one of the major players in the world monitors, AOC did not want to miss to bring the product variants that up-to-date. One of its products is a 3D-capable monitor like e2352Phz. Measuring 23-inch monitor that uses technology Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) or also known as 3D polarizer. This technology is more comfortable for the user as it is free flicker (flicker-free) using passive glasses type.

Monitor itself fairly slim with shiny black color. Designed blunt corners. Overall appearance, including simple.

We do not like setting a row of buttons that are placed on the right of the screen and facing downwards. Instructions function of every button is unclear as well as black. While in terms of input, the monitor is equipped with all the input ports commonly used ranging from VGA, DVI to HDMI.

Monitor displays 3D effect is fairly good. Although relies content, which presented quite satisfactory sensation. The only drawback of this type 3D monitor is, if you look more carefully, non-3D display will be seen with interlaced or streaky due to the effects of polarization layer.


size 23″ screen (wide 16:9)
resolution 1920×1080 pixels @ 60Hz
Contrast Ratio 20.000.000:1 (dynamic)
brightness 250 cd/m2
response Time 5 ms
viewpoint 170/160 degrees (horizontal/vertical)
Input connector D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI
Other 3D Mode, Headphone out
Dimensions with stand (plt) 54.6 x 17.9 x 40.7 cm
Max Power 35/-/- watts (active/standby/saving)
Weight (net) 3.5 kg
guarantee 3 years
Website http://www.aocmonitorap.com
Price (range*) $ 270


Plus: 3D, complete connection, relatively cheaper prices for 3D monitor.

Minus: Filter polarization rather annoying 2D from close range.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4
 - Facilities: 4.25
 - Ease: 3.75
 - Price: 3.5
 - Total Score: 3.875

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