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Zotac GTS 450 ECO Edition Performance Review

Even though has been quite old, Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 can be said still be able to run a lightweight to middle graphics engine existing at game today. Since it is not surprising that there are still manufacturers that produce GTS 450-based graphics card.

An example is Zotac. Via GeForce GTS 450, Zotac presents a product that is slightly different than usual, simpler, more compact, and of course with more economical power.

Labeled with Eco Edition, Zotac GTS 450 ECO Edition is practically constitute an efficient from GeFroce GTS 450 variant that had been circulating in market. The most first noticeable is theres no port PCIExpress 6-pin power that is usually present at some of graphic card. This indicating that this graphics card only requires a much lower power than standard GeForce GTS 450. The interface is also much simpler with the smaller card sizes and also minimal cooling.

Since the power consumption has been cut into more efficient, the consequence is a lower speed. Yes, Zotac GTS 450 Eco Edition is not as fast as another GeForce GTS 450 graphics card. Similarly, performance that could be considered more lagging than any other graphics card type. However, the low resolution and low-medium details, this graphics card are still capable enough to run a various specific games.

Testing Results

3DMark Vantage52073411
3DMark 111517430
Unigine Heaven 2.518.5 fps12.0 fps
DiRT 3
- Medium59.83 fps44.31 fps
- Ultra25.96 fps19.74 fps
STALKER41.73 fps28.6 fps


speed core600 MHz
memory speed1333 MHz
memory Capacity2 GB GDDR5
Line data128-bit
priceUS$ 110

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