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Beware of Four Signs PC|Laptop Already Infected by Virus

Do not underestimate little suspicion on your notebook. If you find the notebook takes much longer when opening a programs/…
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Norton 360 Version 6.0 Performance Review, Protection Inside and Outside

In addition to fortify your system from the threat of cyber criminal action, protective PC today also need to equip…
Mobile Computing

Independent research choosing Kaspersky Mobile Security As One Of The Best Program

Many selection programs for Android can outwit the protection of consumers. However, recent testing shows that the solution from Kaspersky…

Banker Trojan targeting Online Banking Customer Data

Be careful and always be vigilant when using Online Banking service. Because according to the Kaspersky Security Network in last…

Simple, Smart and Strong from Avira 2012

In early October ago, Avira has announced the presence of Avira 2012 that carries focus on protecting security of home…