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    July 15, 2020

    Simple Secret Recipe of Bogor Noodle Soup, #1 Delicious Noodle Soup Taste

    Good evening, this afternoon is so delicious to eat Bogor noodle soup. Bogor noodle soup is one of the foods that are suitable to eat when the weather is hot or cold when it rains. Fresh soup, spicy and sour soup is very delicious to be served while still hot. Next, I will share my Soto Noodle recipe. Main Ingredients: 500 gr of meat with tetelan (bones with a bit…
    Food Recipes
    July 9, 2019

    Tomyam Seasoned Fried Rice Recipe

    Materials Boiled rice noodles to tasteShrimp (peeled)_ Seasoning Carrot slicesCut onionSliced cabbage vegetablesA little sweet soy sauce_ Additional ingredients 5 cayenne fruit2 Spring onions1 clove of garlicTomyam paste to tasteSalt and flavoring to tasteOil for sautéing_ Cooking Step Heat oil, saute the spices until fragrant. add shrimp, stir. then add additional ingredients.Then enter the rice vermicelli.Stir until blended, cook until vermicelli is perfectly cooked. serve it.

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