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Full Performance Review AirPods Pro, 7 Nice Features You Need to Know

Apple Wireless Earphone Review

Story Highlights
  • Apple's new full wireless earphone AirPods Pro was released on November 2, 2019.
  • Choose from three sizes of soft, flexible silicone tips that click into place. Find the best fit — and get the best sound — by using the Ear Tip Fit Test.

The Review AirPods Pro. In this article, we will review sound quality, sound leakage, sound delay, etc. From AirPods Pro which has evolved to the “Pro” level, such as adopting active noise cancellation that does not feel pressing and the type of channel that does not fall from the ear.

The Design Review AirPods Pro

review airpods pro
Review AirPods Pro: The design, often called “bad”, changed significantly with the AirPods Pro.

The headphones have changed from an earbud type that can be attached to the ear to a type that can be inserted in the ear. Also, the shorter fuse of the headphones eliminates most dissatisfaction with the design.

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 03
Review AirPods Pro

Design changes aren’t all great.

The “AirPods Pro” has a bigger head than the regular AirPods. The hard plastic head and ear cartilage have a wider contact area, which makes the ears painful when used. About 10 minutes after I put it in my ear it started to hurt and I wanted to remove it in less than 2 hours. I thought it was just me, but there have been many reports on Twitter that have made my ears hurt. May does not suit some people with small ears.

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 04
Review AirPods Pro: I don’t like the big head design, but the AirPods Pro are acceptable

It doesn’t matter if you only listen to music for a short period of time such as on your way to work or school, but have trouble using it for extended periods of time at work or study. By changing from inner ear type to canal type, there is no need to worry about falling out of the ear, but even though this product is a “Pro” type, you have to be careful about its compatibility with the ear.

This is a tricky issue because it’s not something you can easily try in a store, but you can get a refund for items opened and used within 14 days of receiving them from the official Apple website or Apple Store.

Also, the charging case has changed from portrait to landscape, perhaps due to the shorter size of the AirPods Pro. The weight has changed from 40g to 45g, but that’s not a big difference. Specifications such as battery life and charging time are almost the same.

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 05
Review AirPods Pro: the case

Review AirPods Pro: Supports selection of the best ear tips

With canal-type earphones, it is necessary to select the ear tip that best fits the ear size and shape to improve airtightness, but those who opt for the ear tips “somehow” use them as most people buy.

S / M / L earpads are also included in the AirPods Pro, but if you perform the “ear tip pairing condition test” from the iPhone settings screen, you can see if they are the right size or firmly attached in just a few seconds. That tells us.

1demo banner 300x250
cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 06
Review AirPods Pro: ear tips selection

Some people may choose chips that are not the best, even though they think they are the best. I am one of them.

Best noise canceling

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 07
Review AirPods Pro: noise canceling feature

New “Active noise cancellation” is installed as a unique function for the “Pro” version. This is the biggest feature of “AirPods Pro”

How effective is it – what a result.

Normal AirPods have a shape that makes it easier for external sounds to be heard, making it difficult to concentrate on sound and work. I often turn the volume up to mute external sounds, and I’m worried about sound leaks, but the “AirPods Pro” equipped with active noise cancellation expand a world that’s almost silent when installed.

A level where you don’t mind the noise whether you’re on the train or waiting at home. Even in a noisy cafe with lots of people, you can concentrate on the sound and work without worrying about the noises around you. Since you can listen to music in an almost silent world, you can listen to it even at low volume. No need to worry about sound leaks or acoustic hearing loss due to meaningless noise.

While there are many people who turn to general noise cancellation and earphone line types if there is a unique feeling of painful pressure, “AirPods Pro” admirably overcomes this problem with an innovative ventilation system. It’s not that there isn’t a feeling of being oppressed, but there are striking differences compared to noise-canceling offered by other companies.

“External sound capture” that allows you to talk without removing it from your ears

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 08
Review AirPods Pro: external sound capture feature

This is a very good noise canceling function, but there are many cases where noise cancellation is not needed when you want to hear train announcements, at a cash register at a convenience store, or when you are conversing with other people. In such a case, it is enough to clamp the shaft part for a long time to switch from noise cancellation to external sound capture mode.

The important point is that noise cancellation is not turned off, but the external sound is picked up. The canal-type “AirPods Pro” act as earplugs, so it’s hard to hear just turning the noise canceling off. Therefore, by picking up external sounds, you can listen to train announcements without removing the AirPods from your ears.

Pressure-sensitive sensor with dramatically improved operation

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 09
Review AirPods Pro: Pressure-sensitive sensor

AirPods have a poor operation. When I double-tap the head, I can only select two from play/pause/skip/Siri, but it’s useless during workouts like running due to lack of operating items and poor sensitivity.

To eliminate this bad operation, “AirPods Pro” is equipped with a “pressure sensor” which is operated by clamping the shaft part.

Pinch left and right sensors once to play/pause/answer calls, pinch twice to skip to the next song, and pinch three times to skip to the previous song. If you pinch for a long time, you can alternate active noise cancellation and external sound picking. You can also assign Siri by changing from the settings screen, or turning off noise cancellation and external sound capture.

The AirPods operation has been greatly improved by changing from a double-tap operation to a “pinch” feeling.

The complaint is the volume can’t be changed yet. You have to say “Hey Siri, turn the volume down,” take iPhone out of your pocket or use Apple Watch.

Review AirPods Pro: Sound quality / sound leakage / delay

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 10
Review AirPods Pro: What about essential sound quality?

Compared to normal AirPods, “AirPods Pro” have a completely different immersive feel due to the channel type and airtightness with active noise cancellation. It does not match the inner ear type, which has noise instead of comfort. The same is true for sound-leakage.

“Adaptive equalization” was also installed as a new function to improve sound quality. This is that the “AirPods Pro” recognizes the shape of the ear and automatically adjusts the low and mid-range music parts. To be sure, the bass performs better than normal AirPods, and the bass range is audible.

The Apple HomePod home speaker has a function that optimally adjusts the sound quality according to the room shape and location, but adaptive equalization has a similar function.

And the last challenge of wireless earphones Review AirPods Pro is the sound delay.

The H1 chip, which reduced gameplay delay by up to 30% in the second-generation AirPods, has been carried over to the AirPods Pro. However, it was not taken over as is but installed as a system-in-package based on the H1 chip. By adopting 10 audio cores, delays in audio processing are surprisingly suppressed, and real-time noise cancellation is possible.

It’s unclear whether chip evolution is directly related to sound delay. Some say that the delay has been reduced, but I’m not sure what the comparison is for the 1st generation AirPods or the 2nd generation AirPods. When I compared it to my 2nd generation AirPods, I didn’t feel a big difference in delay, and I didn’t feel that big of a delay on the 2nd generation AirPods from the start.

Dynamic head tracking / spatial audio

New AirPods Pro features have been added to iOS 14, which will begin distribution on September 17, 2020. One of them is “spatial audio” where you can enjoy a cinema-like music experience with earphones.

This new feature lets you enjoy an immersive surround sound experience by adjusting the sound anywhere in the room. The surround effect that emits sound from the front, left and right, left and right behind is very high, and the sound spatialization makes it different from conventional AirPods.

The other is “dynamic head tracking,” which tracks head and device movements with accelerometers and gyro sensors, and remaps the sound field accordingly. Simply put, the speaker position doesn’t change even if you move your head left or right.

For example, when spatial audio is activated, sound comes out from the front. Usually, when you move your head to the side, it follows, but the sound is remapped with dynamic head tracking and fixed direction, so the sound appears to be coming out from the side. However, when I move my head, I feel that direction can only be maintained for the front, left and right sounds and the back sound follows the movement of the head. Still, the effect is high.

Both are special functions of AirPods Pro that are only valid for content that supports 5.1ch / 7.1ch and Dolby Atmos.

Automatic switching

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 13
Review AirPods Pro: Auto switch

Similar to spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, iOS 14 adds automatic device switching.

This is to automatically switch the connection destination according to the device you are using. For example, if you end a call on your iPhone and join a video conference on your Mac, the connection destination will automatically switch from iPhone to Mac, and if you finish the video conference on your Mac and watch a movie on your iPad, the connection destination will automatically change. from Mac to iPad. This is a handy function that frees you from the cumbersome work of switching connection destinations.

Battery life

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 14
Review AirPods Pro: Battery life

The battery life is the same as the original AirPods and up to 5 hours of continuous playback. Up to 4.5 hours with active noise cancellation. When I verify using YouTube, Apple Music, and games properly with noise cancellation turned on, right is 0% in 4 hours and left is 0% in 5 hours. This is 1-2 hours shorter than 2nd generation AirPods after purchase. And for some reason, the bad battery life is just on the right side.

AirPods can be charged simply by placing them in the supplied case. Can be used for 24 hours or more when used in combination with a case. It can be charged for about 1 hour in just 5 minutes.

The charging case supports wireless charging as well as Lightning, so you can charge it simply by placing the case on a Qi-compatible wireless charger. Lightning charges faster, so if you are in a hurry, it is advisable to charge with a cable.

Summary: Who should buy an AirPods Pro?

cnwintech full performance review airpods pro 15
Review AirPods Pro: Buy AirPods Pro


  • New design
  • Clearly improved sound quality
  • Noise canceling without feeling of oppression
  • External sound capture that allows you to talk while wearing
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Improved operation with pressure-sensitive touch


  • High price
  • Battery life that was not improved
  • The big head that hurts my ears

“I was worried about AirPods, but the design is …”

“I used it before AirPods, but I stopped using it because it fell off my ears.”

“AirPods have good sound quality …”

“AirPods do not have noise-canceling.”AirPods reviews

Those who said this should consider purchasing an “AirPods Pro.”

Three years have passed since its launch, and few people object to a design that is no longer seen in the city, but with the new “AirPods Pro” design, it is starting to disappear. It’s easier to choose this time.

Not only is it harder to knock your ears off by adopting the canal type, but it can also be used for intense exercise like running. Plus, it is IPX4 water and sweat resistant, so you can use it with confidence even on hot, sweaty days or rainy days.

Sound quality is dramatically improved with “active noise cancellation” which lets you play your favorite music in a silent world and “adaptive equalization” which optimizes sound quality according to the shape of the user’s ear. The noise-canceling “innovative ventilation system” eliminates the unpleasant feeling of stress.

iOS 14 also supports “spatial audio” and “dynamic head tracking” which let you enjoy movies and TV in cinema-like surround sound.

The selling price for the improved “AirPods Pro” in all aspects such as design, sound quality, operation, and water resistance is USD 292 including tax. It’s not cheap, but definitely worth it.

Check our store if you are interested to buy this “AirPods Pro” with great deals and other parts accessories there. You can also click the Shop Now button below to buy it on external vendors.

Score Assessment

Performance - 8.5
Facilities & Features - 9.5
Battery Life-time - 7.7
Price - 7



Pros: New design, Clearly improved sound quality, Noise-canceling without the feeling of oppression, External sound capture that allows you to talk while wearing, Water and sweat-resistant, Improved operation with a pressure-sensitive touch. Cons: High price, Battery life that was not improved, The big head that hurts my ears.Shop Now

User Rating: 3.9 ( 1 votes)

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