Hello and welcome to our site CnwinTech. We provides various information, viral news, review of products, and useful tips and tricks as well as tutorials about everything related to the technology with quality content. CnwinTech prepare resourceful and unique information from the five major categories, namely: Tech, Electronics, Computer, Internet, Communication, and Gaming as well as several other additional categories, you will find all of the content from the menus we provide above.

The History

CnwinTech (Cyber News Info Tech) was founded by Muhammad Azam on May, 2010. He is very obsessed with blogging platform when he was firstly introduced and learning to use free platform wordpress.com and blogger.com from google. After few suggestions from some professionals, he was decided to move into the self-hosted blogging platform and turned it into the professional site CnwinTech.com.

Todays, we will tried as possible to make and developing this site to bring a good contributes to all the readers or visitors.

Everything you search about the TECH find on our website CnwinTech. Keep stay with us. Enjoy it, and don’t forget to follow & subscribe us on our official social media account.

The Core Team

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Muhammad Azam

Azam is the founder and owner of CnwinTech. An entrepreneur, social media love, seo and internet marketing enthusiast. Blogging is a part of his life, writing and sharing useful to another on his free time and learning something new.
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Muhammad Rahmat

Partnering with Azam, Rahmat is one of person who give an extra effort and funds to this site. A man who well understanding the market, seo standard, server management system, and another tech passion. He loves linux and another free open source projects. Trying to developing a good, efficient, and secure server behind the CnwinTech backbones is part of his hobby.
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Achmad Ishak

Achmad Ishak is a content writer from Malili. Works as a senior content writer, he finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, also he loves graphic design & photography. His creativity and ideas would blow your mind and out of the box.

Credit Where Credit is Due

WordPress:We believe that WordPress is the best website publishing platform in the entire world. Our blog was built with much love and support on WordPress.

Siagang NET:We are using a new server system and running under the cloud SiagangNET. We are truly want to bring an improved performance and best user experience when visitor come into our site.

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