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Find out resourceful topics related to UNIX/LINUX variants in here section.

  • descent|os review performance

    The Descent|OS Review Performance. One more derivative distro, the Ubuntu, comes with a beautiful but easy to use. Feature is also a complete and powerful. Since Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 using Unity desktop, many users of previous versions of Ubuntu are disappointed. The reason is, they assume that the desktop on either the new version is less friendly and less functional. Because of that, there was a variety of distributions…

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  • cnwintech grub create your own 2 2

    Bootloaders, such as Grub, are software packages that we give little thought to until things go wrong. You turn on your computer, the boot menu (possibly) appears and then your operating system loads. However, there is plenty you can do with the boot menu to tune the way your computer boots and the options available to you. There are two major versions of Grub still in use. The current version…

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  • cnwintech playing with time linux 2

    Linux provides many facilities related to time management. This article does not discuss all of these facilities, but only discuss three of the most common activities performed by the Linux users. These three activities include, display and set the time, looking for the data at regular intervals, and make notification (how to create a notification will be discussed later). 1. Displaying time Time information may be one of the most…

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  • luninux os review performance

    The LuninuX OS Review Performance. If macOS gives users a single dock to place application shortcuts, LuninuX OS 11.11 offers more: two docks at once. What other advantages? Perhaps there are many who do not know LuninuX OS. This is reasonable because the OS was formerly named Sn0wl1nuX. Sn0wl1nuX Contrast to Snowlinux which is also one of the distro. With that similar reason, Sn0wl1nux renamed LuninuX OS. LuninuX 11.11 using…

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  • cnwintech pearos sl

    Ubuntu with Mac OS Taste If you like Ubuntu, but want to feel the sensation of Mac OS, you should try Pear OS Linux 3.0 version. Pear OS deliberately made with the feel of Mac OS by its developers. Just look at names OS version 3.0 “Panther”, similar to that used in Mac OS. Likewise with the slogan that carried this OS, “Think Totally Different”, a little modification for the…

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