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  • how to hack facebook and how to protect facebook account from getting hacked

    Privacy security is always a top priority for social media users. However, there are still many users who don’t know how Facebook accounts can be hacked. They consider that their account has been guaranteed security. But it is not! On that basis, we need to know some of the usual ways hackers hack our Facebook accounts. This is to increase awareness of account security. So, instead of lingering any longer,…

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  • cybersecurity for the next generation 2014 2

    Bring together young researchers, a leading IT security experts and professors from universities around the world in a collaborative environment, fun and creative to discuss the hottest issues on the cyber security held back. Kaspersky Lab has just announced the resumption of the annual competition for students, “CyberSecurity for the Next Generation” for the new academic year. In 2014, the conference “CyberSecurity” consists of four rounds and one regional global…

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  • cnwintech facebook pirated

    With more than 800 million registered accounts and 400 million user visits each day, Facebook continues to lead the race of dominance of social networking with unique and innovative products and intelligent marketing strategies that lead to user without stopping to press the ‘like’ and post status updates the whole day. Facebook is not only a major media to share ideas and interact with friends, but the place is a…

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  • how to secure online transactions? tips for securing from vulnerabilities

    Tips How to Secure Online Transactions. Can not be denied, that the number of users of online transactions each year continues to increase. Harris Interactive survey conducted in February-March 2012 said there was 57 percent of Internet users who manage bank accounts online and make online shopping. Of these, about 31 percent admitted they store data banking on the hard drive. Therefore not surprising that banking information is a very…

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  • cnwintech extreme gpu bruteforcer crack passwords with 450 millions passwords sec speed

    Extreme GPU Bruteforcer, developed by InsidePro is a program meant for the recovery of passwords from hashes of different types, utilizing the power of GPU which enables reaching truly extreme attack speed of approx 450 Million passwords/Second. The software supports hashes of the following types: MySQL, DES, MD4, MD5, MD5(Unix), MD5(phpBB3), MD5(WordPress), NTLM, Domain Cached Credentials, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, and many others. The software implements several unique attacks, including…

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  • cyber news info tech

    Sometime later, Duqu Trojan increasingly popular as a dangerous malware targeting intelligence. Duqu was first discovered in September 2011. However, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Duqu trace has been tracked since August 2007. Kaspersky Lab found that Duqu Trojan written in a programming language that is not known. Duqu a sophisticated Trojan that was created by the same people who make Stuxnet. This malware has a goal as a system…

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  • cnwintech github hacked with ruby on rails public key vulnerability

    Github, the service that many professional programmers use to store their work and collaborate on coding, was hacked over the weekend. A young Russian developer Egor Homakov exploited a gaping vulnerability in GitHub that allowed him (or anyone else with basic hacker know-how) to gain administrator access to projects such as Ruby on Rails, Linux, and millions of others. When Github saw what happened, they suspended Homakov’s account, which created…

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  • cnwintech hackers steal michael jackson

    Entertainment giant Sony has confirmed that hackers accessed its systems and compromised Michael Jackson’s entire back catalog, including many unreleased songs. Michael Jackson’s entire back catalog has been stolen by Internet hackers. Sony music suffered its second major security breach in a year, with thieves targeting songs and unreleased material by the superstar singer. It’s alleged they downloaded more than 50,000 music files worth $253 million in the biggest ever…

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  • cnwintech 60000 for exploiting google chrome

    Google has offered prizes, totaling $1 million, to those who successfully hack the Google Chrome browser at the Pwn2Own hacker contest taking place next week i.e 7 March 2012. Chrome is the only browser in the contest’s six-year history to not be exploited at all. Therefore Google will hand out prizes of $60,000, $40,000, and $20,000 for contestants able to remotely commandeer a fully-patched browser running on Windows 7. Finding…

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  • cnwintech trend micro on gold dragon 20121

    More recently, after a weekend that everyone thinks to get ready back activity, Trend Micro, the security company of mobile and cloud in the world, had just discovered the activities from a gang cyber hackers from Russia by using SpyEye-Zeus Trojan to steal the money from U.S. citizens since January 2011 around U$ 3.2 million or approximately U$ 17,000 per day. During the six periods since January 2011, Trend Micro…

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